An “UP!” inspired engagement shoot…

the movie, “UP!” is a quirky love story that begins with carl and ellie meeting as children, falling in love and embracing the trials of life with that same childlike excitement.  the movie recounts the beauty of the simple things they enjoyed together… picnics under their favorite tree, finding pictures in the big puffy clouds, grape soda, painting their house, sitting next to one another in their favorite chairs and dreaming of going one day to paradise falls – the dreamland they had saved their pennies to travel to since they were children.  the darling twosome had saved (he had a balloon cart at the zoo and she was a zoo tour guide) in a big glass jug that they had to break over and over again to pay for house repairs, flat tires and hospital bills… and sadly, sweet ellie passed away before they could ever make it to paradise falls.  it is then that carl wakes up one day and decides to tie thousands of balloons to his house to float to paradise falls on his own (and you will have to watch the movie to find out the rest)!  i will say that at the end of it all, you see that when you find the love your heart has ached for your whole life, you don’t need a floating house for the adventure of a lifetime.  :)   the idea of this photo shoot came from lynnette and james, the sweet engaged couple featured here.  their favorite movie is UP and i really could not pick a movie that could remind me more of them than that one.   their love is genuine, comfortable and full of joy.  i really do see them sitting on the park bench together, in 40 years, holding hands, laughing hysterically and holding a big bunch of balloons.  if the photos don’t convince you that these two will stand the test of time, read this INCREDIBLY touching letter that james wrote to lynnette and so kindly shared with me to share with all of you (break out your hankies, girls):

“Lynnette… I have a confession, I am in love with you.  It is not the ‘usual’ love, but the love that makes me remember the little things, the ‘boring’ things.  It is the boring things in life that I will remember the most.  The memories of jumping over sidewalk cracks to how the clouds talk to us.  You make me remember the moments.  It is that love that makes me believe.  Belief that I was there when you were a toothless kid.  Dancing through life, only stopping to hold my hand. Letting me know that anything is possible.  I am in love with you, ‘my greatest adventure’. – James”

and so the love story begins…


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69 Responses to An “UP!” inspired engagement shoot…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Um, speechless.

    You’ve outdone yourself! Brilliant, my friend.

  2. Amber says:

    I Love Love Love It! You are just amazing…

  3. Chanda says:

    Ok- I am really tearing up here. While looking at these photos, I had the song “All Things New” by Watermark on and I couldn’t hold back…What a touching story and beautifully expressed in the photos.

  4. daniella says:

    So beautiful. You make true art and oh so personable (word?). My husband and I have a love story very similar to the one written by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook. How I wish we lived close so you could do a photoshoot for us…5 years and two kids later!

  5. jamie says:

    thats so cool!! I saw them picking up these ballons are party city!!!

  6. lynnette says:

    Joy, we cannot tell you how happy we are with these photos! You captured us PERFECTLY. Your vision and commitment to the theme and our story could not be matched by anyone out there!! Can’t wait for part 2!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. JenWill says:

    Oh my goodness! I am in love with these photos. That is one of my favorite movies and seeing all the touching moments captured for this lucky couple is just soooo beautiful!

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  9. Juli says:

    I love your photoshoot!
    The photos of the couple feels like your still watching the movie, but in real life… if that makes sense.

  10. Ashley says:

    These pictures are absolutely fantastic! I just love everything about your photography.

  11. molly says:

    super fun and quirky! brilliant! <3

  12. Jennings says:

    Absolutely incredible, touching, artistic and creative photo shoot. You ROCK, girlfriend!!

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  14. Lisa (mother of the bride) says:

    Amazing job! I can’t wait to hang one of these in my home.
    Can I make the appointment now for the same shoot in 2035?

  15. Rachel Sturges says:


  16. dad and kristie says:

    jim and lynnette that is so cool makes kristie and i want to do something like that, but maybe to theme of iron man or gladiator.we loved it love you guys

  17. Kirsten Mavric says:

    My love for this shoot knows no bounds … !

  18. Andrea Hallett says:

    Wow- these are stunning!!!! I love everything about this session! I could look at these all day!

  19. Aunt Gail says:

    James that was the sweetest thing I ever heard. Lynette you are beautiful as always. The pictures are so you. What else can I say except I hope you will always look this happy. You know you will have to do this again in 25 years. XOXO

  20. Heather says:

    So Adorable!

  21. Lisa Solis says:

    God Bless you both on your journey of a lifetime! James I’m your 1st cousin from your Auntie Vickie’s side and shared your engagement site with me. You both look so happy,Congrads!!! wooo whooo… We love you :)

  22. mom says:

    jimmy and lynnette you are both an incredible couple! i love and admire all you do together!! and jimbo.. be content! i think you got it from your momma.! love you both!

  23. beverly says:


  24. Leslie says:

    I am so in love with this session!! Every detail is amazing!!

  25. melody says:

    I love everything about this series. The colour, the dressing, the style. and most importantly, i love the movie UP. it made me cry while watching. too moving. GOOD JOB THERE~!

  26. Ryan says:

    I ran across your blog through a link from a friend, and I am happy I did! I love your vintage look and the way you creatively use details and props.

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  28. Catherine Abegg says:

    OUTSTANDING!!! And so inspiring… you’re style is so wonderful, and you executed this shoot perfectly. wow.

  29. Michelle Guzman says:

    Amazing! Might be my fave engagement session ever!!!!!

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  31. Ashley says:

    This is so strange, but last night I was thinking about my love for Pixar and how I would absolutely love to tie it into a wedding someday… I was thinking about how balloons could be the centerpieces on the tables… And then I log into my twitter account and see someone has directed me to this link and about died! this pictures are beautiful. I can’t believe how perfect they are in capturing not only the obvious love the couple has for each other, but the perfect retro inspired Up feel. I love it I love I love IT!

  32. Genie says:

    Seriously…between part 1 and part 2, you’ve made me get all teary-eyed. BEAUTIFUL. The grape-soda badge pushed me over the edge (in a great way). :-)

  33. Elena says:

    I saw this on and it is the sweetest thing I have seen in a long time. Absolutely love the movie and these photos exert the essence of Up perfectly (the photographer is incredible!). I showed my friend the post and the letter Jimmy wrote for Lynnette and she teared up. That’s right. Too adorable!

    I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your marriage and only hope that someday I can find something as sweet as what you guys have! : )

  34. Leah says:

    im speechless. i love it.

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  36. Jewel says:

    BAHA! I don’t even know you guys but I am going to cry these photos are so beautiful! My boyfriend and I saw the movie UP! on one of our first dates and it is a special movie for us as well…we just celebrated our one year anniversary. How wonderful that those two are engaged!

  37. Stephanie says:

    I am blown away! What a creative concept and so well executed. Excellent engagement session, bravo!

  38. Ted Johns says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and inspiring work. The photos just capture the mood and feeling…so good and so inspiring.

  39. Joscie, rhymes with bossy says:

    wow, what an amazing shoot. I love it!! :)

  40. Valerie Gay says:

    AMAZING!!! My husband is an animator and Pixar is near and dear to our hearts so this is truly beautiful!

    Great job!


  41. Mama Mary says:


  42. Holly Steen says:

    This is my favorite engagement shoot. I love what you did with light and styling. Really incredible. Thank you so much for inspiring such beauty and art.

  43. Cari Chee says:

    I absolutely LOVE these images! What a great idea!

  44. julie says:

    Chills. I absolutely have chills.
    And tears.
    What a couple.
    What a shoot.
    Wow. Just wow.

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  46. Ana Paula Batista says:

    Wow!!! Amazing!!! I loved the photos and the idea of inpiring on the adorable movie UP. Perfect!

  47. Joe says:

    Love everything about these pictures, they are amazing, love this movie!

  48. Sujin says:

    This is the most beautiful wedding picture ever!!!!!

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  58. Nallely says:

    one of the most beautiful engagement sessions I’ve ever seen !!

  59. Nanastasia says:

    These pictures are so beautiful and unique! Absolutely love them!

  60. Dora says:

    I don’t know those two, but they are so beautiful together and I want to see more! I love the way he looks at her, so loving and adoring. :)

  61. Lee-ann Dunton says:

    These are adorable. Great shots.

  62. nadine says:

    really great session!

  63. Laura says:

    You don’t know me, but while doing a google search for the Up! photobook I came across these photos. What an amazing photo shoot! What a beautiful couple! I am in awe. You have both blessed me beyond belief today. Thank you so much! Blessings on your marriage!

  64. KATHY DINH says:


  65. Aundrea says:

    Love this! Love that van too!

  66. jessica rogers says:


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