James & Lynnette’s Wedding… up, “Up!” & AMAZING!!!!

it is with much anticipation that i present to you james and lynnette’s wedding!  you may remember this lovable couple from their engagement shoots inspired by their favorite movie, “UP!” (click HERE for part 1 and click HERE for part 2).  to my amazement, the shoots spread like wildfire on the internet being viewed by hundreds of thousands of photography and movie enthusiasts, going viral and being picked up by blogs and websites galore!  just to name a few, the images were featured on the wedding chicks, moviefone’s inside movies, buzzfeed100 layer cake, geekosystem, digital wedding forumcartoonbrew, betty beguiles, disney dreamingmy modern metropolis, disney wedding blog and on and on.  BUT… the coolest thing of all was that with all the web traffic somehow the images reached the office of PIXAR and straight into the office of the writers and producers of the movie, “UP!”  i received a phone call saying how much they loved the photos and wanted to send lynnette and james a special wedding gift of congratulations (scroll to the very LAST image of this set to see the amazing gift)!  AMAZING!  i just was overwhelmed with the outpouring of kind words of positive encouragement from photographers and lovers of love all over the globe… thank you!  thank you!  thank you!  the most wonderful part of it all, though, was the fact that we really never intended for the shoots to be popular.  lynnette and james had a great vision and i was so inspired by their passion for life, each other and their favorite movie and it all just stemmed from that!    :)

and now a few words from lynnette about their wedding inspiration:

“After 8 years of growing in love, James and I decided to invite our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage and everyone in our lives who brought us together. It was as much about our friends and family as it was about us. We were engaged in our favorite vintage photo booth at the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco, so we knew from the beginning that we had to have a photo booth at the wedding and everyone had a great time taking photos in it!  We wanted the wedding to be unique, personal, intimate and beautiful which it turned out to be all of those things! We wanted every aspect to represent “us” from the handmade save the dates and invitations to the picnic blankets and baskets we used in lieu of chairs at the ceremony. We had one of our best friends perform the ceremony which meant so much to us. It was so special saying our own self written vows and “crossing our hearts” to love each other rather than saying “I do”.  Our wedding was loosely based on our favorite Pixar movie “UP” so we included picnic baskets, grape soda, a painted mailbox and a few balloons! “UP” was such an inspiring love story to us because the love that Ellie and Carl shared was truly everlasting. We consider everyday together an adventure!”

i have grown to consider lynnette and james like family.  they embrace life, they find humor in the midst of frustration and i just am so darn humbled by their childlike love for one another.  how lucky i have been and continue to be by being a part of their lives.  xoxo

james surprised lynnette by filling her dressing room with balloons and from each balloon hung a photo of the two of them from over the years.james planned another “UP!” inspired surprise for lynnette for during the ceremony.  he tied her ring onto a stick tied to balloons, hid it behind his groomsmen’s feet and had it “floated” to her when it was time to exchange rings.  how romantic is that?!ok, how pretty is this dessert bar??   lynnette & her mom own their own cupcake boutique (cupcakery) and all the goodies tasted better than they looked, too!   😉

* here it is…. the GIFT from PIXAR!!!!!  it reads… “lynnette & james… we are so happy that our movie inspired your beautiful engagement photos. we love them and wanted to send a little gift to say – congratulations! – jonas rivera”  AND a special drawing for them by pete docter saying “have a great adventure together!”

Vendors:   floral:  kate at flowerwild events,   photo booth: capital photo booth,   catering: eco caters,   cupcakes and desserts: cupcakery cupcake bakery and boutique (in thousand oaks – the bride & her mother’s own cupcake shop!),   bride: melissa sweet,   bridesmaids: anthropologie,   groom & groomsmen: j crew,   location: saddlerock ranch,   cake topper: lollipopworkshop on Etsy,   love: everyone!,   vintage picnic baskets, hankies and blankets!

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27 Responses to James & Lynnette’s Wedding… up, “Up!” & AMAZING!!!!

  1. Brooke Stevens-Patrick says:

    LOVE LOVE!!! The details are so much fun and your expression of their day is perfect! Bravo!

  2. Rachel M. Radwanski says:

    You never cease to amaze me or inspire me. These are beautiful photos and a beautiful second act to the engagement shoot. I’ll be sharing these with my friend, because she, too, loves the movie “Up.”

    I love the details you kept and how you also showed off the details specific to the couple (the cupcakes, the hankies for the ladies). It’s always the small details that make such an event so special and you did such a wonderful job capturing those small details.

    Thus the end of my gush.

  3. Alaythea says:

    Absolutely adorable couple and the “theme” is just too cute! Such beautiful pictures and fun memories…..I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the photos!!!

  4. nellie says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I am in love!

  5. Valerie Gay says:

    AMAZING!!! Beautiful pics as usual!

  6. Leslie says:

    OH MY goodness…I am speechless!AMAZING!!

  7. Dognbird says:

    Holy cow! This wedding has a million adorable ideas. Amazing!!

  8. Rosina says:

    Joy…Joy….I can’t imagine how excited you were shooting this wedding. I am in love with ALL the details you’ve captured, what a fun way to remember their day! I absolutely LOVE that last shot–I would blow it up on a canvas! Amazing work! :)

  9. Claire says:

    Amazing photos and great idea for a wedding. So glad to discover some different weddings. Really inspiring for my own

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  11. Marissa says:

    This is probably my favorite wedding ever! So original and beautiful! You did an amazing job capturing it!

  12. Jessica Frey says:

    WOW! What a beautiful and special wedding! You guys are such an inspiration…found you on weddingchicks.com with the original engagement session and love the way you’ve captured their unique love in such a classy way! Also, what a special suprise to have Pixar send such a beautiful gift!

  13. Melissa Shaw says:

    I saw the engagement session of Lynette and James about two weeks ago on the Wedding chicks site. Since then I have ooberly stalked your site. ; )
    I cannot count the ways you have inspired me as a person, mother, wife, and photographer. By the end of this post my eyes were filled w/tears. Thank you for living out your passion & sharing it with others like me. : ) And a big thank you to Lynette & James!

  14. Marcie Lenick says:

    Looked thru all your pictures. WOW!!!!! You r a TRUE artist.
    I am an event designer and ONLY want to do these types of weddings. SPECTACULAR! I gasped at the picnic basket/blanket shot
    You really do have a gift! MUCH SUCCESS

  15. shannon says:

    i can’t tell you how obsessed i am with this wedding!! seriously. what an incredible idea and amazing execution. love love love it!!

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  17. Paula Coleman says:

    Your photographs just get better and better! You have an amazing eye for getting the most amazing shots of the details of the theme and relaxed and beautiful subjects. WOW em, JOY. You did, and will continue to blow us away with gorgeous story boards!

  18. domestikate says:

    Wow! Love the UP theme, love the picnic blankets, love the dress, love the photos … I just love it!

  19. Jenny says:

    Oh man that is just so awesome. What a beautiful wedding! Joy, you captured it all! You are so cool! =)

  20. Jess says:

    These are the most beautiful wedding photos for the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. They fill my heart with warmth and joy.

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  22. Selena Van Klompenberg says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding! Everything looked so beautiful!

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  24. amber fischer says:

    LOVE everything about this wedding. Completely magical. And, of course, your photography just captures and enhances the amazing-ness of it all! ♥

  25. Holly Steen says:

    In love with this shoot. I have looked at it so many times, and feel that I can’t imagine a more perfect wedding.

  26. Keelin says:

    This is sooooo sweet! I came across it before but never bookmarked the page, so am happy to have found it again! I too adored “UP” and the everlasting love between Carl & Ellie. I’m not interested in marriage personally, but if I met my very own Carl Fredrickson, I too would have an “UP” themed wedding!
    For anyone else who loved the film, check out my adventure blog!
    Become a follower for new entry that will be posted this weekend “Introducing the Explorer”
    Lots of photoshopped fun involved! :)

  27. Grace Nunez says:

    Hi, what a gorgeous wedding. I too am having a wedding this June, and we are also incorporating Pixar’s “Up” for our backyard theme wedding at my fiancee’s parents home.

    Thank you so much for posting this, I definitely got further inspired by you.

    And that was so awesome that Pixar sent you the gift, a truly great film company.

    Definitely filled me with further excitement and anticipation. Love your work.

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