Bobby & Rochelle’s Wedding!

most fun wedding EVER.  these two are very near and dear to my heart.  you may remember rochelle and bobby from their engagement shoot (see it HERE).  rochelle is the jack of all trades for our household… assistant, nanny, organizer extraordinaire and friend. i had the honor of not only photographing their big day, but also styling it and coming up with all of the decor!  AWESOME.  :)  rochelle and bobby were planning their wedding in a very short amount of time and the goal was for it to be fun, creative, personal, handmade, inexpensive  and a theme based upon all things childlike (because of their passion for children and the way they met)!  they also firmly believed that it should be a day celebrating their love for God and their childlike joy in waiting on His timing in bringing the two of them together.  here were just a few of the creative touches in their day:  pinwheels made out of children’s book pages, paper chains, painted cardboard clouds, quilts hanging as backdrops, hundreds of old time candies, paper flowers, chalkboard artwork, cupcakes topped with fruit loops, gummy worms and sprinkles, a dinner catered by in & out burger, a cotton candy machine, multicolored paper crowns, handmade boutonierres with kites colored by my gracie, paper “leaves” cut from an old cinderella storybook and a lollypop, 20 pairs of converse sneakers and one fantastic swingset.  also, one of my favorite things we did was use antique trucks as centerpieces with little love letters and flowers put under their windshield wipers (inspired by the many, many notes and flowers bobby would leave on rochelle’s truck when they were dating)!  a sweet moment of the day for me was being tackled by my little brandon as he ran straight past the flower girls and into my arms as i was photographing the ceremony.  he was so joyful and in the moment, which felt so perfect for the kind of wedding that this was… perfectly imperfect.  during the reception as the sun went down, all the guests danced, played with slinkies and jacks, drew with sidewalk chalk, laughed in the photo booth, filled up on burgers and popcorn and talked about the adorableness of bobby and rochelle.  it was a fantastic day celebrating two of the most humble, honest, selfless and ridiculously fun people i have ever had the honor to call friends.  xoxo

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28 Responses to Bobby & Rochelle’s Wedding!

  1. Tracy Wallace says:

    A MAZ ING! Im so gonna try and make those paper thingamys. Love love love where hes pushing her on the swing. Heaven

  2. Holly says:

    i LOVE this!!

  3. anna says:

    I Love this!! the pinwheels and throwback Mountain Dew, dum dum boutonnières, paper crowns. Funnest wedding ever!

  4. chanda says:

    Joy, you have done it again…perfectly imperfect!! It was certainly a one of a kind wedding…I loved every minute of it and you captured it beautifully.
    What an amazing gift God has given you!!

  5. the whyte house says:

    i was completely sucked in with all of the decor…love it…but then i caught the face of the minister–that’s francis chan, isn’t it?! remarkable man.

  6. Alejandra Arroyo says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!!

  7. joy harmon prouty says:

    thank you!!! such a wonderfully fun day! :) and yes, that is francis chan. and the other little ring bearer is his son, zeke (my little gracie’s boyfriend that i am sure you remember from their several little love shoots together). we are incredibly blessed and humbled to be able to share a bit of their lives!

  8. AshleyAnn says:

    That is some crazy fun decor….love it all. Very creative, personal, fun…as a wedding should be!

  9. Erin Drago says:

    I have been an admirer of your work for a while now, but have never commented because I look at your blog in my google reader, which means I can’t comment…I digress…I absolutely LOVE your style and your pictures. I had to come comment today because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures. They are my favorite…EVER!!!!!!

  10. Ashley says:

    This is brilliant and beautiful!

  11. meg duerksen says:

    this could be my favorite wedding EVER.
    it looks the way every wedding should look….FUN. EXCITING! ready to take on the world in their new life adventure. i love color and this is dreamy!

  12. lynnette says:

    Yay!! The styling on the candy bar with the gumball machines is ridiculous!! So cute. I was wondering what Rochelle was asking for the old toy trucks for…very cute!

  13. Steph Franich says:

    I love the pinwheel bouquets and the blue converse! Such amazing ideas! Love it!!!

  14. Betty says:

    So sweet and looks like it was a lot of fun. Exactly how a wedding should be.

  15. Cathy Hancock says:

    wow!!!! really great shots!!! Awesome that they gave their vows at the “foot of the cross.”

  16. ashlee says:

    dude…that is the funnest wedding ever!! and to have francis chan do the ceremony…simply amazing!!

  17. the whyte house says:

    that’s where i saw that little guy!!! so precious. it’s funny that i am never that excited about celebrities…but show me christian artists and ministers and i’m pumped! haha.

  18. Kristin Guynn says:

    You always manage to leave me breathless Joy!
    SO amazing!

  19. Rosemary Hayes says:

    This is one of the most fun weddings I’ve seen posted in a while. They just get more and more quirky and I’m so in <3 LOVE <3 with the whole idea of it….dreamy.

  20. Kellie says:

    oh my gosh! just looking at these makes you feel as if you were there….what a fun couple! wow, just WOW images.

  21. colleen says:

    I came to your site via ashleyanne.WOW! What a neat wedding. The joy of Jesus is all over that wedding. Thanks for capturing that. It blessed me today!

  22. Brooke says:

    I found you through ashleyann too, and as an aspiring photog and a lover of LOVE and all things handmade, I just think these shots, the wedding and everything involved is just adorable!! What an amazing job you did styling it….could NOT be cuter. And they must be authentic lovers of the Lord to have Francis Chan want to be a part of their day. So special, thanks for sharing!!

  23. Lani says:

    Ohh ! That is so cute :) ! I want to wear Converse at my future wedding now ! Haha. You’re photography is soo great. I wish I could meet you one day. =] I want to be a photographerr too. & I’m still young haha. Great job ! :D

  24. Michelle Guzman says:

    Love the styling and details of this wedding. It’s so fun!!!!!!

  25. cori says:

    awesome wedding! fantastic photography. i’m officially inspired. :)

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  27. kayecee says:

    This wedding is surely fun :) nice outfits, bubbly setting, very good photography and all. congratulations.

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