Joey Lawrence & Family!

i had so much fun with the lawrence family!  joey, chandie, charli & libby got in their cozy matching jammies and asked me to photograph them all cuddled up together (that’s their happy place – love it) and so that’s just what we did!   so much sweetness in their home and what an honor to be asked to share in it.   :)

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11 Responses to Joey Lawrence & Family!

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    This is really adorable. I didn’t know he had kids. I used to have a crush on him in my pre-teen years.

  2. Christen lucas says:

    MIss celebrity status over here…. ps he is gorgeous…. just sayin… I would have been blushing like crazy

  3. Irina says:

    Oh wow, good looking fam! well done!

  4. Whitney Hempsey says:

    Love these images, great lifestyle shots.

  5. Meggie says:

    so adorable! love this kind of black and white, you are amazing as usual!

  6. Janaye Joyner says:

    WOAHHH!(lol couldn’t resist) what a darling family! awesome job as usual joy <3

  7. Heather says:

    would this be the joey from blossom?

  8. Jessica says:

    What a beautiful and happy family.

  9. meg duerksen says:

    goodl ooking as he always was.

  10. the whyte house says:

    i love this last shot. the light is beautiful and it makes this black and white shot really stand out. beautiful as always, joy.

  11. Gemma Carr says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot. Perfect.

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