Kate & her tea party.

kate’s mama had told me that there was nothing her daughter loved more than playing with her stuffed animals, pink, tea parties, her books and all things girly.  so they packed up their car with goodies, i packed up mine and we headed out to a meadow to give little miss kate the tea party of her (and her stuffed animals’) wildest dreams.   :)   kate may have a famous mama (brooke co hosts CNN’s Showbiz Tonight!) but she is the one that really stole the show!  she was prancing around in that meadow, picking wildflowers, poking her head in holes and singing to the birdies.  the sunshine was dreamy(!!!) and we finished the shoot with kate in her stroller laughing uncontrollably at her parents cuddling for me in front of the camera.  a very happy shoot indeed.   :)

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6 Responses to Kate & her tea party.

  1. Sarah says:

    AMAZING!!! Beautiful work once again, Joy!!

  2. Emily says:


  3. Serena Gene says:

    Just lovely! Your work is divine!

  4. Dara says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  5. the whyte house says:

    she is so precious!! what an adorable family. love the prop set-up!

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