Minnie Driver and her son Henry!

minnie & henry played in a forest, pretended to be butterflies, fed leaves to a little caterpillar, skipped some stones in a pond and all the while sang sweet songs together as they walked along.  and henry was quite the charmer.  i had brought along an antique video camera as a prop and the second he saw it he went wild, put it right up to his eye, held it perfect and started to “film” and direct his mama.  there were about ten minutes there under the oak trees where they were laughing together, filming one another, that just felt like pure magic.  it was a true honor to see the passionate love that minnie so obviously has for her son and also the sweet adoration henry has for his mama.  it all ended with henry giving us sprigs of lavender picked from a nearby bush to enjoy.  it was a perfect, beautiful day indeed!

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25 Responses to Minnie Driver and her son Henry!

  1. Nikki says:

    Awesome mother son session, i love her. How in the world are you so blessed to shoot people we only see through our television screens…if you are ever in Chicago i would love to meet you, as a photographer too. I admire your art and your creativity!! Forever a Fan

  2. Charity Blaine says:

    I absolutely love the photo of her son kissing her. It captures soooo much.

  3. tanya says:

    wow! couldn’t be more perfect- magical!

  4. Sharon says:

    I just knew you were an angel from the moment I met you many moons ago. God has gifted you with an incredible gift and an eye for beauty. I love, love, love the one of them laying on their stomachs with her looking at him. Wow, no words to describe. I miss you!!

  5. jenny haas says:

    how cool! she is in one of my all time favorite movies :) you’re a lucky girl! [well, so is she to have you take these for her :)]

  6. Laycee Lemons says:

    So glad the celebs are starting to love you as much as all of us do! These are simply beautiful Joy. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Dara says:

    How cute is this little boy with the camera!

  8. Sarah says:

    Joy, these are magnificent! I especially love the one of Henry kissing his mama. They are all brilliant, though.

  9. Victoria / Justice Pirate says:

    adorable. Didn’t know she had a son. keep up the great work!

  10. Emily says:

    Awesome shoot and Minnie Driver??? How cool!!!

  11. Alvina says:

    Love the ones where he has the camera! So cute!! :]

  12. Amy says:

    Beautiful job! I love how you captured the real connection between her and her son. Your photography is amazing and truly inspiring. ~Amy

  13. the whyte house says:

    love this last shot. he’s adorable! i always love your ability to capture the natural sides of people.

  14. meg duerksen says:

    she is stunning.
    these are very cool pictures….i love capturing emotion and play instead of just poses.

  15. Trish Reda says:

    Sweet job, Joy! I like the large black and white one of them lying down on the blanket. Beautiful.

  16. Jyl says:

    Simply gorgeous!!!! You captured their relationship so well <3

  17. Tamara Lalanne says:

    Stunning! So fun and natural. Love it

  18. Michelle W says:

    Oh my… such sweet little moments between a momma and her little one. Beautiful images.

  19. Bonnie Berry says:

    You are a star and your work is stunning as usual.

  20. Kathryn Beekman says:

    wow. these are incredible!
    I love the angles you chose, and you captured really sweet moments!

  21. Rach says:

    Mama’s and their little boys!!! It’s the best.

  22. Weddingish says:

    Gorgeous! That last shot is wonderful, but of course, they all eye. The one of him filming her is great, too. <3

  23. Maria Lolita Santos says:

    I absoluetly love your work. I came across your link on a family member’s page and instantly fell in love. I enjoy the technique you use so much! I wish you were able to do a workshop here on GUAM..

  24. keri Bryant says:

    Oh my freakin gosh. Un believeable even if she wasn’t a celeb. You seriously rock. I am so in love with these photos and would pay millions to have some like it with my only little boy!!

  25. Jessica K. Sullivan says:

    Words just can’t explain how powerful these lovely images are. I am emotionally moved right now. I wish I had photos of my son, and I together like this. You captured the reason I adore photography Joy! Beautiful, happy memories that can never be forgotten by mother or son. God bless!

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