the official ‘WE LOVE DONUTS’ post…

so it’s no secret that we love donuts over here at the prouty house!  we used to only have them on very special occasions from our corner donut shop but when i saw that cute little donut maker on the shelf at target, i knew that it was really love at first sight.  now we have donuts atleast three times a week!  as a disclaimer, i am not saying that we are the healthiest house on the block (not a chance!) but i do try and have really gotten pretty good at making healthier versions and it makes for such a fun, happy morning for all of us!  donut party!   the best part is that our chickens began to lay eggs a few months ago so it is such a fun activity on donut mornings for the kids to pull on their boots, run out to collect the eggs and then put join me in the kitchen to mix all the goodies.  the whole process is fun and super easy and fast.  trust me, with very early mornings and the three kids in addition an endless to-do and work list, not much sleep and the very rare shower thrown in there somewhere, i don’t have time to make a big breakfast.  and it is super hard to please everyone!  but not on donut days!  and i can typically have the recipe or mix done in 5 minutes and the donuts cooked in another 8.  the kids love to frost them (and this keeps them entertained so i can wash the dishes real quick) and everyone is happy and fed.  best part is that YOU CAN USE ANY MUFFIN, BREAD OR CAKE MIX!  yay!  i stock up on trader joe’s bread mixes (cheap and so yummy) and i also grab muffin mixes when i see them on sale.  and i always do my best to make them healthier by using purees in them, sub out the oil and also sneak in vitamin rich stuff for added nutrients (my normal add-ins are sweet potato puree and appleasauce).  i learned about this from jessica seinfeld’s book ‘deceptively delicious’ and highly recommend it!  she has yummy recipes and so many tips for moms and i also love the blackbird bakery gluten-free recipes for special occasions or when i bake them sometimes for friends with dietary restrictions.  i especially love and often make the blackberry bakery cream cheese frosting.  my kids have their own fave donut recipes… gracie’s are blueberry smurfy donuts, brandon’s are southern cornbread, donny’s are pumpkin spice and mine are strawberry cheesecake!

so, i am not up on my donut high horse, i am surely not a baker.  but i am pretty excited about this little contraption that gives me that added inspiration to not dread the early mornings.  it helps me to transform my mind into being the fun mom instead of the grumpy, bitter mom.  it helps inspire me to wake up for the kids instead of to them.  i love that i can feed the whole family so affordably and intentionally.  and it gives us a reason to make any morning into a party, and let me tell you that turning on the disco ball at 8am is just as awesome as 8pm, actually way more awesome because we are already in our jammies.  <—  that is our favorite part.  😉

so here are some of our donuts, all images taken in instagram with my iphone.

so here is my step by step process of the quickest possible way to do the donuts, this is like 14 minutes flat…blueberry, pumpkin spice & strawberry…we make them for every occasion…it can be entertaining for quite some time!  icing makes for good finger painting too…
these are two of my fave recipe inspirations…

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22 Responses to the official ‘WE LOVE DONUTS’ post…

  1. lesley says:

    I’m so glad you did this post! I’ve been making donuts in a pan and am really excited to try the blueberry mix. Also really pumped about making them healthier. Love you house, donuts and am slightly jealous of your chickens!

  2. Taralynn says:

    Joy I applaude you! If only my boy wasn’t allergic to dairy, soy and eggs I would be driving to Target in preparation for an early morning donut party at our house too! Sometimes for us busy moms it’s all about survival! And oh isn’t that vary occasional shower just the best! :)

  3. Candace says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Joy! I follow you on IG and have been dying to know about how you make those yummy donuts! The pictures are beautiful as always!

  4. Pomai Weall says:

    I love this post! Thank you!!

  5. lesley says:

    Not only did you influence me into getting a donut pan, now I need to get these books. I made blueberry donuts this morning using applesauce instead of oil and couldn’t tell the difference. Thank you for sharing your love of donuts. I think I may have to get the machine in the near future!

  6. merideth says:

    how can anyone just not love your sweet family?!! i love your instagrams of donuts. they put a smile on my face.

  7. Shara says:

    These look delicious! My kids inhale homemade doughnuts or really, any doughnuts! I would love to know if you use a layout generator or other program for your collages and diptic photos. Would you mind sharing please? Thanks so much and gorgeous photos!

  8. Brianna says:

    Love this! I am wondering how you make the frosting though??

  9. KELLI TRONTEL says:

    OH MY! You are speaking my [preggie] language!! I have been obsessed with donuts the past few weeks….and just the photos are doing the trick! Hey, maybe I’ll just stare at your photos and NOT eat them every other day :) HA!
    So pretty… inspiring. Love this!

  10. Amanda Lipsey says:

    That is my most favorite cookbook EVER! And i too love me some donuts!

  11. martha schuster says:

    well that sold me on it….excuse me whilst i pack up the kids and head to target……

  12. Emily says:

    Really, they ar eno different than muffins and you hardly ever hear someone say “muffin” with the same tone as they would the dreaded “donut”! Good for you! Your kids will remember your morning donut parties forever!

  13. sara says:

    toooooootally just ordered my donut maker. yep, i sure did. Now we’re all ready for you to come visit 😉 I love your crazy, fun house. And i say crazy in a way that means…rad, awesome, you-could-charge-admission-because-your-house-is-that-cool, super, and great. xoxo

  14. Jenny says:

    Yumm! Love this! Really, why wouldn’t you eat donuts whenever possible?:)

  15. shawna [of styleberryBLOG] says:

    dear joy. you inspire me. the end. :)

  16. Heather Bowser says:

    Well, Thanks to you I ran to Target and bought a donut maker. :) Just used it this morning. I did the basic recipe that came with the machine. The basic batter was super super thick. Before I run to the grocery store to stock up on jiffy and applesauce I wanted to know if you do anything to the muffin recipes to make them work?

  17. Whitney says:

    You are so super cute! Love it!

  18. tamara says:

    Love this post. so fun,delicious and love all the details

  19. Carla Coulson says:

    What a divine post with your beautiful family. j’adore your instagrams shots so full of light, life and love. Carla

  20. Eva Marie Photography says:

    You are such an inspiration. I love your photography, creativeness, and all the love that you share with your little ones!

  21. Jagger Photography says:

    I want this donut maker so.. bad…

  22. ruth says:

    target oughta keep you in a lifetime supply of mixes and replacement donut makers for how many you just sold for them. :) i just went and got mine last week, but our target only had the donut HOLE/cake pop one. i figured it’d be just as good (or better, for the 2 year old’s tiny hands). now i’m on the hunt for a good mix. pretty sure i have some jiffy, so we’ll give it a spin. thanks!!

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