the altom family.

this is a favorite family of mine, the altom clan.  we had been planning this shoot for years it seemed like. i had photographed the kiddos years back, then the last two babies when they were each born but somehow never the whole family together, and it was time!  we planned a big theme and then when it finally came time for the session we decided that no theme could really compete with the simplicity of just everyone dancing out in the open in the sunshine.  and so we met up at a freshly plowed cornfield, we danced, put blankets on our backs as capes, and skipped in the dirt under the sun and laughed a lot, and it was better than any amount of props we could have set up.  because when you have only one another to hold onto, rather than a bunch of stuff, how can it be better than that?   :)

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23 Responses to the altom family.

  1. Laura Santos (Portland, OR Family Photographer) says:

    Such a FUN session!! Love all of that amazing light and the kids running with blankets!

  2. Michelle Guzman says:

    So, so sweet!!! You have such a gift!

  3. Callie says:

    These are absolutely stunning!

  4. Hannah Elise says:

    these are absolutely beautiful–sometimes going prop-less speaks volumes, and these images do. LOVE how you captured this family!!

  5. Jodi Lee says:

    Perfection. Absolute perfection. Dreamy and wonderful….

  6. Kate @ Songs Kate Sang says:

    Amazing! Great pictures as always!

  7. Joy Colston says:

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! These are some of my favorites! I love the dreamy quality!

  8. merideth a says:

    oh joy!! i will for always be grateful for your talent!! thank you for sharing it with me. you have truly made magic with my family.

  9. Mailinh says:

    Just love, Joy! You really know how to catch the best moments! xoxo

  10. Jenny says:

    This looks like the coolest family ever! What a wonderful session you shot for them! Love them all!

  11. Nash Ruiz says:

    Absolutely lovely pics !!!

  12. Rosie says:

    Amazing session! So much love and laughter! I can’t wait for you to photograph my family :)

  13. Thais says:

    What a beautiful family session, Joy! loved it

  14. Emily Chaffin says:

    Wow!!! These are incredible!!! Love them!!!

  15. lauren piper says:

    Just beautiful, love the simplicity of just having family time and the expression on all of their faces!

  16. Kat says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! These are so lovely!!!

  17. Lauren says:

    Oh wow! These are all so beautiful Joy! And the lighting, is amazing!

  18. Kat says:

    Ok…just gotta say it again! This photoshoot is SO FUN AND BEAUTIFUL!!

  19. Ashley says:

    These just might be some of my very favorite shots of yours…so natural and beautiful. And…I’m a fan of families with 5 kids :)

  20. sara says:

    these are so wonderful, Joy. You’ll never cease to amaze me with your beautiful talent. It truly is a gift to soooo many. xo

  21. Hanneke | Oh Beautiful World says:

    Oh my! I love your photography!
    Really, every shoot is totally gorgeous and so natural and care free!

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