The Goss Family

when lina, the mama of this darling family, inquired with me about booking a session, she explained that their dream of a day would include an afternoon picnic, climbing trees, a few other lovely things and then “maybe even a wooden swing that could sit the whole family”!  well, she had me from there!  i got donny working right away on building a swing for four.  :)  we hung it beneath a lovely large oak tree… it took a while to get that big ole’ swing swingin, a few folks fell off now and then, there was a lot of cuddling happening to keep them all on there and we were all laughing up a storm within the first few minutes.  i really adore this family.  they smile with their eyes, they play with intention, they take time to listen to each other and they hug tightly.  blissful indeed.

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17 Responses to The Goss Family

  1. Jessica says:

    wow. absolutely gorgeous ♥

  2. Maddie Peterson says:

    Perfectly wonderful! x

  3. Samantha H says:

    I absolutely love your work….and these photos are amazing!!!

  4. Amy at Fig Milkshakes says:

    I always get excited when I see in my blogroll you have a new photo shoot. This does not disappoint – beautiful!

  5. Kat says:

    The swing is AMAZING! Looks like such a fun and lovely day!

  6. Ginette Sundin says:

    STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful session…and the swing makes it!! Your work continues to inspire and astound me!

  7. Tessa Goss says:

    Beautiful, you have captured the magic and beauty of my wonderful family, Stunning !!!!, it looks like everyone had so much fun.
    Can I order some photos from this shoot?

  8. Mailinh says:

    Joy, you always know how to take the simplest moments and capture them into something special & unforgettable. Love, love, love! xoxo, M

  9. Ceri Allsop says:

    Well…you’ve done it again…Blown. My. Mind. Simply beautiful!

  10. Chymecindy says:

    Very nice photos. I love it! I always love your work.

  11. meg duerksen says:

    these are A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!
    i want to be that family.

  12. Tosha says:

    OMG. Love. Really.

  13. Reebbhaa Mehta says:

    Beautiful pictures! Moved me to tears!

  14. Alia says:

    Your style of photography is stunning. I love the sunbursts and visions through all of your photos!

  15. Christie says:

    I am loving all the laughter, late afternoon light and love in this session. So gorgeous! xx

  16. Tumbleweed Photography Studio says:

    The swing is such a cute idea. and you could not have asked for a better tree to be honest. They look like a genuinely fun family to photograph.

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