Ali & Cameron… Singin’ in the rain!

this engagement session was all kinds of wonderful.  ali is my assistant and after what seemed like an eternity of hearing about her dreamy cameron, while the two of them were on a trip in africa this past summer learning about music and dance across the world (music is both of their passions), he finally asked her to marry him at the top of a mountain!  they came home giddy beyond belief and the photo session inspiration began to flow.  so let’s go back to when they first started dating… ali sings and plays music as does cameron and one day he asked her to sing with him at church when he was leading worship.  the sweetness began and they began playing together often, writing songs and playing all sorts of instruments and now they do shows together… it’s darling and amazing.  their wedding theme is all based around their love of music and they brought out all their favorites for this session.  the beautiful record player was given to them by ali’s grandman, most of the records were from her grandparents and parents, they stripped the piano keys out of an antique piano they are using in their wedding (such a rad prop idea), the instruments are those they play regularly and perhaps the sweetest of all is that cameron custom designed her wedding ring and the diamond came from his great great aunt.  now, we knew we couldn’t do just another run of the mill music photo shoot with records, so we brainstormed and figured that perhaps if they were playing in the midst of a rainstorm, of sorts, it would make it extra special.  i’m pretty darn excited about these, hope you love them too!  here’s two with the rain to hold you over until you scroll down a bit more…

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and because everyone likes to see a little behind the scenes action, here is one i snapped with my iphone of donny spraying the “rain”…


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48 Responses to Ali & Cameron… Singin’ in the rain!

  1. Chelsea says:

    My favorite ever!!!!!!!!!!! You are so creative, and these photos are just so beautiful.

  2. heather says:

    Amazing! Your images are always so inspiring!

  3. Haley says:

    love,love, LOVE!! SO adorable!!! amazing work!! :)

  4. Monica Calderin says:

    Always an eye pleaser! Your ideas are always fresh and new. Love!

  5. elena w says:

    such a lovely session!

  6. katie says:

    AMAZING! love love love!

  7. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! So inspiring…

  8. amanda waltman says:

    love it so much! what a cute and fun couple, and beautiful photography too! couldn’t ask for a better combo! :)

  9. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful! I adore your unique style. Always so cheery, creative, and gorgeous. Wish I could hire you to photograph my family. ❤

  10. Christene says:

    So stunning and beautiful. These were a treat to scroll through!

  11. rebekah says:

    perfect. your pictures evoke a feeling that has no words.

  12. Rosie says:

    Completely amazing Joy!

  13. Rebecca from B.WED Photography says:

    WOW! Absolutely adore this shoots!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  14. Sara says:

    I can’t even begin to describe the amazing’ness of this session. The couple has to be over the moon excited! So very good, Joy. It couldn’t get any greater. For reals. :)

  15. Liz says:

    these are amazing! Umm, and those piano keys…so cool!! You rock!

  16. Brenda says:

    absolutely lovely!!!

  17. Mary says:

    i mean, seriously…there are really no words, yet so many things to say!

    just tongue tied at the awesomeness!
    beautiful couple, too! :)

  18. Amy @ Fig Milkshakes says:

    Gorgeous, Joy. I believe I have browsed through just about everything you have posted on the internet and instagram, and I continue to be surprised each time you do a new shoot. You have a real talent.

  19. Amy @ Fig Milkshakes says:

    Or is it just “real talent”, not “A real talent”. Ah, grammar aside, you understand my meaning. :)

  20. Emily Chaffin says:

    Stunning, gorgeous, creative genius!!!

  21. Megan Bryant says:

    LOVE these!! What a great session!

  22. Tamara Lalanne says:

    LOVE LOVE this session!!

  23. Lolo says:

    Seriously Joy….your talent is just awe inspiring! Oh how I need to have you take our photos. So. Bad. XOX

  24. meghan says:

    GOREGEOUS as always!!!! I love your creativity and the rain you guys created. What a great great idea.

  25. joy says:

    WOW! Such love and creativity.

  26. Kate @ Songs Kate Sang says:

    Are you THE most creative person I know? Um, yes!

  27. keri says:

    Oh em gee. Just amazing.

  28. Denise says:

    My gosh you are SO magical!!!! LOVE!

  29. Lauren says:

    These are incredible!! Such a cute couple and amazing pictures :)

  30. Berit says:

    Wow gorgeous!

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  33. Thais says:

    so beautiful, Joy! loved every one of them!

  34. shelbie says:

    Totally amazing again!! What is the ‘rain’ in?

  35. Vicki says:

    Oh my! Such beautiful beautiful photos! And what a cool cool couple! Gotta say! I love the blanket shots lots and lots :-)

  36. kelsey clark says:

    OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy-one of my FAVORITE sessions of ALL time!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sheer genius…EVERYTHING!!! I plan to come back and just gaze at these photos over and over again!!!! Wowza!!!! :)

  37. Salman says:

    i love these pics awesome.

  38. lindsey says: Lord. these are absolutely incredible and may possible be my favorite shoot of yours. i’m totally inspired by you every time i look at your photos! miss you!

  39. Barbie Californiana says:

    Beautiful photos … nothing more fun than singing in the rain. ^ ^

  40. Maioha says:

    This is my fave shoot of yours. Just beautiful!

  41. Joye says:

    I told my husband we have to get engaged and married all over again because I have to have you take the pictures!!! These are so lovely and magical and absolutely perfect!! Really, words fail.

  42. Tumbleweed Photography Studio says:

    What an amazingly creative idea for a photo shoot. It honestly gave me chills. These two look very much in love and you captured it beautifully!

  43. jen says:

    I still dream of a session with you!
    Happy last days with baby belly! Excited for you! xoxoxo

  44. lee harth says:

    lovely photos! like the pics with the big tree

  45. Lisa says:

    So creative!

  46. sekhar says:

    fantabulous pics… love them….

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