the lee family & a pink autumn sky.

the lee family came down to visit our homestead for a session from a wee little island up in canada and then we also talked them into a little sleepover party after the session!  i only wish it could have been a few days longer.   the mama spins with her spinning wheel on a rocky bank at the ocean’s shore with a chunky babe on her hip, her husband adores her and speaks tenderly and their boys are happiest running wild.  she told me that for the session they just wanted to play and so we explored the garden, ran through the orchard (with the apples still a tad bit sour in august but the boys didn’t seem to mind a bit) and over to the open field just below the mountains for one heck of a glorious sunset where the sky turned pink and i could barely take in all the beauty.  i was so struck by their overwhelming feeling of calm while we spent this time together.  no raising of voices, just adventure and conversation and tender intention.  they savored.  each other, the apples, the warmth on their faces, baby thighs and all the other sweet details of the season that could otherwise be so easily passed by.  i am reminded of this irish blessing looking again at these photos and wishing we lived next door to the lees:

“may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. may the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

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Online Mentoring & My Workshop Video!

i love the way that this video FEELS.  amy teague, videographer at happily situated did such a lovely job crafting together the technical side of my teaching while still allowing the mood of the weekend to wash over it all.  this was at my a wildflowers workshop in dallas, tx earlier this year.  my remaining workshops for 2014 are all sold out but hope to add a few 2015 workshop dates soon!  be sure to check back here for updates.

now to springboard from there… after many requests i am finally offering skype/online mentoring!  i have such a love for sharing.  for teaching.  for listening to every detail of a woman’s story to best guide her towards creating the kind of photographs that feel as though they just drip with her passion.  holding workshops has by far been the most soul-stretching experience for me in my career and i feel that in the last few years of teaching that i have also evolved as a deeper artist.  i am no longer content with just instructing but yearn deeply to reach inside the soul of each attendee and pull them out of any sort of lukewarm living/half-hearted art making.

i have hesitated from doing online mentoring in the past because i really felt that the actual 2-day workshop experience is so valuable (to get away from normal life and dive in completely out of your comfort zone) and the friendships built in those two days being such a rich community of non-competitive women to turn to.  however, i know that sometimes traveling across the country to be together in person isn’t always possible.  so my hope is that by offering these online mentorships that i can begin to dig deep, encourage, guide, teach and share with some of you that want the one on one experience without traveling or getting out of your jammies.

here’s the details:  the investment for a 120 minute skype mentorship with me is $700.  each additional hour thereafter is $200.  because i do not have reliable internet at our home (country living, gotta love it) i will be renting a space in town to hold my online mentorships from.  meaning, i will be committing to giving you 100% of my attention and hope for the same from you.  i currently have availability in my schedule starting the week of november 16th and will take on two mentorships per week ongoing.  i am flexible on time of day (we can do after your kids are in bed, during the day, etc.) i will just be needing to obviously plan in advance.  i have a fairly flexible schedule to fit these in, i just do not want to overbook myself and so will only be taking two a week first come, first serve.

how to book a mentorship:  you will use the paypal link below to complete the $700 registration payment to reserve time in my schedule.  once you have completed the payment then you will send an email to and let me know the following:  who you are, your current website/link to your current work, your preferred time of day to hold the mentorship and your hopes and dream for booking this!  i can’t wait to hear your story, friend.

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hello, i’m joy!  sunshine chaser, child of God, mama to four & wife to one good man.  we traveled all over looking for a place to call home and we found it.  we live a simple life out in the country with bare toes and happy hearts.


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