Our Newly Renovated Trailer Tour!

i am happy to share the photos of our most recent trailer renovation!  we had taken our original 1950 spartanette out of the road for the first six weeks of our trip earlier this summer and in that time we realized quickly that we needed to figure out a better sleeping situation and also solve some storage challenges.  gracie had grown a good foot since our last roadtrip and we now had three big kid beds needed and somewhere to put the baby.  so we pulled everything out of there and switched it around a bit.  we moved our bed (double size) to the living room area of the trailer.  we bought an ikea bed with drawers under to store our clothing, it’s perfect.  and our bed also serves as our sofa… we all prefer to lay down and snuggle instead of sit up straight anyway so it works well.  plus someone is always napping in there.  and in the back portion that was previously our master bedroom has now become the kid’s room.  donny build custom bunk beds back there, fitting the curves and the galley just perfect.  he made them tall enough that clementine can still walk under them and they have toy storage under brandon’s bunk and clementine sleeps beneath gracie.  he also built in a little seat/shelf with storage all across the back curve of the trailer.  we store our extra tent, camping supplies and extra blankets in there and can use the little door on the front of the cabinet to lock it closed.  it’s the best use of space, the kids always have some project going back there and it’s so great how it is out of the main walkway.  donny also built a bathroom and put up an extra wall there between the kitchen and the kid’s room and that cubby became the bathroom.  it’s small, but it’s private and that makes me happy!  on the flooring, we put down wood laminate, and that made it feel a lot cleaner.  it brightened up a bunch when we painted all the interior birch a soft white instead.  then i painted the cabinets in an ombre style using shades of coral.  donny custom built cabinet doors and painted them with chalkboard paint.  for art, i have my hoops wall that i am slowly adding to.  all special little things from along the journey.  i’m sure there are a bunch of things i’ve missed but this should help give you an idea of the space.  also, i must say that these photos were taken on a very very very clean house day – we get it pretty messy in there typically, but if you give me a half hour’s notice to clean up, it can be pretty darn cute.  the most fun update is the reveal of the opposite side of our trailer, just completed by the fabulous katie daisy when we came through bend, oregon again last month.  we love the final paintjob, it’s so special to us!  donny especially appreciates the new manly trees among the flowers.

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items in trailer:  bed: ikea. yellow curtains: anthropologie panels cut down and made into tiny curtains.  quilt top curtains on clementine’s bed and back window:  made by me out of an old quilt.  adult bedding & floral wallpaper: anthropologie.  bunk beds: made by donny.  yarn wrapped antlers: yarn bombed antlers.  banner in bedroom:  made out of old doilies.  rug in kids room:  target.  kitchen stools:  pier one.  art:  wild & free, to fresh woods & pastures new: by katie daisy.  several hoops on wall done by frances bluebird.

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Katie Daisy and her love, Eli.

if you are a lover of whimsy, there is a good chance you are familiar with the work of katie daisy.  over the years, i’ve had her lovely prints hanging in every room of our home, and now have the gift of showcasing her art all across the country on the outside (and inside) of our home on wheels.  one of her prints, “daydream list” actually, had hung on our fridge for the last few years, and was one i would read over and over to remind ourselves of what we were working towards for our simple life.  to slow down.  to breathe deeply.  it was a watercolor and she had written these words, “hello daydream: a clawfoot tub, a sunny yellow kitchen, a belly up kitty in the late sun, a painted wooden porch swing, slow dance in the backyard, a cheerful goldfinch song, fireflies in the grass, fireflies in the grass, banana bread and chamomile tea, a sleeping puppy, an old barn for a studio, the baby in a washtub, the prairie’s morning dew.”  that print along with her signature “all good things are wild and free” are so special to me.

i had admired her for so long and when we finally met in oregon a few months back, i just fell in love with her spirit and saw where all the beauty of her art originates.  i’m pretty sure that anyone that meets her feels the same way.  she is gentle and thoughtful and humble and childlike with a sense of wonder and wisdom all in one.  i had the gift of being able to photograph her and her love, eli.  she had asked that the shoot be whimsical and effortless and simple.  so we went to a river beside an aspen grove, splashed a while, danced barefoot in the green grass.  eli made her a crown of leaves and wildflowers.  he had brought his spyglass along and adored her from afar.  they rolled around in the dandelions, soaked in the sunshine, and i felt as though we had jumped right inside one of her paintings.  surely, this is one of my most favorite sessions.  so smitten to be your friend now, katie… the way you spill inspiration into the hearts of so many across the world is a real gift to behold.  love you, friend.

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