Update on our adventure!

hello!  so, here is an update on what we’ve been doing these last two weeks since i blogged about our plans to put our house on the market and sell all of our belongings in an effort of simplifying our life and living on the road for a while (check two posts back to read about that if you haven’t already)!

we had our estate sale last weekend and we sold pretty much ALL of our stuff.  hundreds of people showed up to support us at our sale and buy our belongings and we felt so very loved.  there was a moment right before the sale started when i walked outside with the baby and meant to just welcome everyone, but when i opened my mouth to speak, only tears came out along with the kind of loud crying that doesn’t even make sense.  there haven’t been many moments in my life where i’ve been so overwhelmed with joy that all i’ve come up with is tears and it was a beautiful moment.  i looked around at all the faces of the people there just smiling back.  i saw old friends, new friends, past clients, my family, dancing children, daddies feeding their babies, and faces of friends i’d made online and finally got to meet for the first time in real life.  it was overwhelming.  i was mush.  and then to watch everyone just stream through our home and gather up things from our past, it was pretty surreal.  i remembered all the stories from the items we were selling and the happy faces of new owners and the homes they would all now be going to.  it felt so freeing!  when it was all over, donny and i sat down on the couch as the breeze was blowing through the house and we just looked at each other and smiled so big and cried again.  we agreed that we both just felt like we were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing.  that the big picture was so much greater than all the stuff.  and that the weight of the world in having to manage all the stuff was suddenly just gone.  that saying is so true that less is more, so much more.

when people are asked if a fire was to start in their home, what would they grab first, the answer is usually their family and pets, the photographs and the things that are the most special.  and, well, that’s what we are doing.  we’ve got our babies, our old photographs and the equipment to take lots of new ones along the journey, and our most special belongings (quilts i’ve made for each child, their favorite toys, etc).  we’ve got enough clothes and household items for everyday living and we have the dream of living our happy life right in front of us.  we hope the kids remember this.  we hope that they don’t have to wait until they are “grown ups” to realize how beautiful simplicity is.

we have had so many beautiful moments in this bittersweet time of packing, sorting, boxing, giving and selling.  the kind of moments where the most important things in life are so blazingly clear.  it feels good to have less and to know we are that much closer to being free of the burden of debt and maintaining all the stuff.

and as for selling our house… we are in escrow!!!  it’s amazing the way that God works.  we always said that if we were meant to do this that God would allow our house to sell quickly.  i got an email randomly from a family that said they wanted to buy our house!  they came over and everything fell into place before we even got a chance to put it on the market.  and it is just the perfect fit for their family!  we put so much of our hearts into making this house a home and it feels so great knowing that this family will love all those details too.  pretty crazy how when you take a step in the direction you are supposed to go, that God aligns everything perfectly.  we close escrow at the end of this month, then shoot two weddings and then we will be living in the trailer, seeing the country, shooting family sessions and weddings along the way until the end of 2013!  i will be posting our travel dates and openings for family sessions along the way next week so stay tuned!  :)


here are photos from the day of our sale…

may-101  may-103 may-106 may-107 may-108.5 may-108 may-117 may-118b&w may-119 may-120 may-121 may-124b&w may-125

and some more photos of life around here the last week or so…

may-126b&w  may-129may-131gracie has spend lots of time in the backyard.  i know she will miss this happy space but we talk a lot about the amazing nature we are going to travel to soon! may-135we planted these pink roses in our backyard when my grandma nina went to heaven.  it started as a tiny plant and it now taller than gracie and flourishing!  we will have to get us a little tiny rose bush for the trailer.  :)may-136 may-140this son of mine… he is a baby lover.  he is absolutely crazy about his “Mabel Darling” as he calls her.  he loves to wear her in the carrier anytime i let him.  it melts me. may-142 may-305we are surely savoring our last few weeks in our home.  lots more photos coming soon.

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The Ackroyd Family… “Here Comes the Sun!”

the ackroyd family is something special.  miriam is a friend who i met when she attended a workshop of mine all the way from australia while she was 7 months pregnant.  she is one tough mama.  she is a photographer and a midwife with a passionate earth mama soul.  i adore her!  and i finally got to meet that baby that had been in her belly (whom she birthed at home – she rocks) when she booked me to take her family’s photos while they were all visiting the states here a few months back.  and the next time i photograph them will hopefully be in australia in fall 2014, Lord willing!  :)

so, miriam and her hubby came up with the idea of having a bit of a Beatles vibe to their shoot and i loved that because they feel like such hippies naturally.  she created the most fun “here comes the sun!” banner of lyrics and then we pulled a little bit of Abbey Road into the end.  the sunshine was just drenching them with loveliness as it set, i loved it so much.

ackroyd_101 ackroyd_102 ackroyd_104 ackroyd_106_b&w ackroyd_107 ackroyd_117_b&w ackroyd_119 ackroyd_120_b&w here comes the sun…ackroyd_125 ackroyd_128 ackroyd_133 ackroyd_138 ackroyd_143 this mama rocks!!!ackroyd_147 ackroyd_148_b&w ackroyd_152_b&w ackroyd_155 ackroyd_158 ackroyd_162 ackroyd_165 ackroyd_170_b&w ackroyd_176 ackroyd_178 ackroyd_180_b&w ackroyd_184 abbey road…ackroyd_202 ackroyd_205_b&w ackroyd_208_b&w ackroyd_209 ackroyd_210_b&w ackroyd_215 ackroyd_217 ackroyd_219 ackroyd_221_b&w ackroyd_238

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hello, i’m joy!  sunshine chaser, child of God, mama to four & wife to one good man.  we traveled all over looking for a place to call home and we found it.  we live a simple life out in the country with bare toes and happy hearts.


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