2015 travel session & workshop announcements!

hello friends.  it’s nice to be here.  truly.  it’s such a welcoming feeling to sit down and fully focus on my thoughts.  to pour into something that is an extension of my soul.  maybe that sounds cheesy, but that’s the best way to explain how it feels.  i spent so many weeks writing this post that i published last week.  i wanted to get those words of mine out there before i even began to think about posting my travel schedule for 2015.  i wanted anyone wanting to learn from me at a workshop or book me for a session to know my heart behind the images i take.  when it all comes down to it, my hope as a photographer is to share the wild beauty that i see blooming right in everyday life.  we may feel overrun with weeds.  we may feel broken and that this chapter of life is not worth remembering.  but it is.  i just want to walk beside you and document the brilliant hope streaming through each crack.  and friends, wow, the comments and support in being honest and imperfect in photographs, well, i was left teary faced and breathless for several days.  each comment felt like a bit of healing.  the words ‘thank you’ do no justice.  let’s pretend i am giving you a good, long hug.


so without further delay… here is my travel schedule for 2015!  i have several workshop location announcements as well as a variety of cities i will be traveling to for wildflower and harvest sessions across the country.

now, if you don’t see your city there but you 100% want me to photograph your family/love story/vow renewal/birth/everyday life in 2015, pretty please email me at joy@wildflowersphotos.com!!!   if i get enough interest in a particular area of the country/world, i will do my best to get there.  typically i will travel to a region if i can book at least two sessions in the area, so please don’t hesitate to write so we can get a location wish list going.  i want to come to you if my schedule allows!


i will be traveling to these cities for portrait sessions:

march 2, 3, 9 – AUSTIN, TX

march 31, april 1 – DALLAS, TX

april 21 thru 30 – BELLINGHAM, WA  (our apple orchard/blossoms will be in bloom!)

may 13 thru 20 – NASHVILLE, TN

june 1 thru 5 – LOS ANGELES, CA

july 19 thru 22 – WOODSTOCK, NY

september 9 thru 13 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA

october 3 – ROME, GEORGIA

*if you would like to book a session with me in one of these cities, pretty please email directly with your desired date, location and if you are interested in a harvest session or a wildflower session so we can block out the time in my schedule accordingly.  the dates are limited and will be booked first come first serve and reserved with a 50% non-refundable investment retainer.



workshop registration is now open for these cities:

all of these workshops are all inclusive; meals and lodging are included.  it’s a giant lady slumber party/photography extravaganza/soul experience.  you can go here for more info about them.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – march 4/5/6

WOODSTOCK, NEW YORK – july 15/16/17

HEALDSBURG, CALIFORNIA – september 15/16/17

*how to register for one of the above workshops:  your space is held with a 50% retainer of $925 (this is nonrefundable but may be transferable to another workshop if the need arises).  to reserve your spot, just click on the workshop city you’d like above and you will be directed to the paypal payment page to complete registration.  the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to the workshop date.  we will update this blog once any of the workshops fill to capacity but as of now they are all open (max capacity of each workshop is 14 women).  once you have paid the retainer, please email joy@wildflowersphotos.com to get all the other good info!



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the ford family: a vow renewal.

fordweb4the vows…

lucas to jayme:    ”if i could rewind time right now and look back a little over six years, i come to a moment where i told the universe that i was ready.  ready for the one.  the woman i would spend the rest of my life with.  the response was swift and you walked right into my life.  it was less than a year later and we stood together in a circle not much different than this and declared our love for commitment to each other for the rest of our days.  today i’ve come to realize that in five short years, i have lived more with you than in all of the years before combined.  i never knew true love until the moment i met you.  i stand here in that circle again today to renew these eternal vows to you.  jayme, i’ll always love you and encourage you.  i’ll forever stand strong by your side, through the best times and the hardest.  i’ll laugh with you and comfort you, i’ll cherish every moment we share together until my very last breath.  so you be the icing and i’ll be the cake, you be the sweet and i’ll be the savory.  you be you and i’ll be me and i’ll see you right back here in another five years.  and another.  and another.”

jayme to lucas:    “a love like ours happens once in a lifetime.  in you i found not only a partner, but my true best friend.  you are the one who was everything i had ever hoped for and then some.  you are a part of everything i think and do and feel.  you have found yourself quite a cozy spot inside my heart… which, by the way, locks from the outside so looks like you’re stuck there.  you love me most during my worst.  through hardships and tests from the universe, you never falter by my side.  you are my strength and my support system and i am incredibly grateful for your love.  here’s to all the places we’ve been and here’s to all the places we’ll go.  and here’s to me whispering again and again and again… i love you so.”




they traveled here from alberta, canada for the celebration.  the two of them, their three boys, and their immediate family.  they made it into a vacation and spent three days together (not far from our homestead) in a mountain log cabin just below mount baker, cooking and laughing and soaking it all in.  their only agenda was to be present in that moment and not worry about the fancy details.  they experienced some heavy years followed by so much healing in their marriage.  they wanted to celebrate the rebirth of hope between them and to marry one another again beneath a willow tree, just as her parents had done.  jayme wore her mom’s wedding dress, and her mama and grandma were there to help her put it on.  they made her bouquet with dahlias picked from a roadside flower stand.  and his boutonniere was made from wildflowers and lavender from our garden along with a lego perfectly placed by jensen.  jayme’s brother played the guitar for the ceremony and we had made sure to give our willow tree by the pond a lovely new knitted sweater for the occasion.  the boys all devoured the wedding cake at the end and there was plenty of laughter and hugging beneath that tree.  we adventured through the woods and the maple leaves were just beginning to fall, and the wet, calming weather just added to the soulfulness of the day.  that is what i love most about these images.  the intimacy.  i was able to be with them for an entire day start to finish.  i tried to narrow down my favorites but i still ended up with almost 200 (out of the final 1400 images, whoa), so i just went ahead and put my favorites into a little video. enjoy.

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