a prouty summertime film.

the first frost has arrived.  the pumpkin vines have dried up, the last of the apples have fallen from the trees and the ground is frozen solid making us steady ourselves for the winter ahead.  we’ve lived here now for a whole year and what a wild ride it has been. our move here forced us to be quiet and listen. in a sense, we didn’t expect a season of healing, i think i had expected the honeymoon period to last longer. with the extreme financial burden lessened (compared to our past southern california life) we had time to dig deep. we faced hard truths and i’m convinced that if i was the maple tree outside my window and you peeked inside my trunk, i’d have added twenty rings just this one year. i am doing a lot of personal writing. i’ve never been a blogger that feels she needs to share her every moment and blog everyday. i need time for all the jumbled thoughts and emotions need to settle a while and i need time to allow God to speak to me in the stillness. saying, “does this bring me glory, Joy?” sometimes that is a difficult question to answer and so i grow in the waiting. the visibly short seasons, however continue to fly by at lightning speed reminding us of the bittersweet reality that life does keep going on and on, no matter how hard we try and slow it down with simple living. the kids are losing teeth and learning multiplication, and forming strong opinions that make me laugh and cry every single day.  we blast the music loud in the mornings and then we deeply crave time in nature. it takes a lot more bundling up now but, taking in that first big breath of cold mountain air, well, there’s nothing like it. we practically lived outside in our garden all summer; digging, planting, pulling out the bad stuff and adding as much nourishment into the soil in hopes of future harvest.  we are huddled inside now by a roaring fire and it feels so comforting, and i know needed, but i am sure missing my view of the sunflowers.

*all footage copyright protected: wildflowers photography/don & joy prouty.

*music licensed from the music bed:  darling by handsome and gretyl & adventures by holley maher

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the lee family & a pink autumn sky.

the lee family came down to visit our homestead for a session from a wee little island up in canada and then we also talked them into a little sleepover party after the session!  i only wish it could have been a few days longer.   the mama spins with her spinning wheel on a rocky bank at the ocean’s shore with a chunky babe on her hip, her husband adores her and speaks tenderly and their boys are happiest running wild.  she told me that for the session they just wanted to play and so we explored the garden, ran through the orchard (with the apples still a tad bit sour in august but the boys didn’t seem to mind a bit) and over to the open field just below the mountains for one heck of a glorious sunset where the sky turned pink and i could barely take in all the beauty.  i was so struck by their overwhelming feeling of calm while we spent this time together.  no raising of voices, just adventure and conversation and tender intention.  they savored.  each other, the apples, the warmth on their faces, baby thighs and all the other sweet details of the season that could otherwise be so easily passed by.  i am reminded of this irish blessing looking again at these photos and wishing we lived next door to the lees:

“may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back. may the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

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