Katie & Parker – Engaged.



the words throughout this post were written by katie…


“God has shaped such a story within this heart,

and to think He planned for my messy mixed all-over the place colors

to create something unreal with Parker’s clean brushes.

It is such a privilege to love this boy.

An honor to be a part of his moments. Forever.




He is my miracle and somehow he says I am his.

When it’s a gift from God, your entire life is somehow flung into His freedom.

I just can’t stop falling for the precious little traces of Heaven that run through his veins.

I pray I never understand the vastness of this gift.

Because miracles can’t be understood.

Just believed, day in and day out, as the world wonders what wires us.




It sure is easy to be confident and safe in our skin,

when we know how beautifully broken we are.

Our cracks are only more vibrant, as He seals them with gold!




Love is a gift.

A gift from God, who does cartwheels when He sees us love the way love should be loved.

The past three years have been the hardest – years of loss and losing – yet years of so much good.

That alive, rich beyond money, “His Good” kind-of-good.





We have no solid plans –

on where we will live, where our careers will take us,

or even sometimes when we will see one another again after saying goodbye for the week.

While most would be frantic about this, we are so free.

Free to be free in His plans for us,

because freedom is so worth the faith fall.”


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At Home in Texas as a family of 7!



When we arrived in Washington, two years and three months ago, we had merely picked a place on the map and jumped. Drawn to the fresh air, the tall trees and the fog that settled low on the mountains. It was a place to rest, a safe place to grow. We planted seeds and waited through the cold winter. Far from anything and anyone familiar. We wrestled. We surrendered and held our breath awaiting spring. In that cold, as husband and wife, we dug deep into past hurts and saw that although we had been on the adventure together, for so long we had been walking alone. In that moment we chose to fight hard for the good. The light persisted, breaking down all our walls; it was hope. It was gentleness. We began to document all of our gratitude flowing out of the struggle and our list of thanks grew and grew. Our seeds took root and blossomed. Warmth opened the petals and we saw one another anew. The soft springtime breeze carried that love into every corner of our darkness until only hope remained. In April we renewed sacred vows, bare toes in the meadow with the laughter of our children as our melody of grace in all the days that followed. With an undeserved gift woven from all the broken threads being knit together within me, a baby boy. Redemption.

For the first time in our marriage we prayed together. We listened for guidance. And over time we felt a calling to step out, from the mossy forest to a land drenched in warmth. A season for all things new, as we no longer need a place to burrow in; but a place to give, to share, to build community, and to hold our faces up to the sun and exhale. Hearts engulfed, souls exposed, arms open wide, control released, prayers lifted up, we took the leap. With my belly ripe and expectancy hanging thick, we held tight to each other and the calling that whispered from deep within. And now we are here, in the Texas Hill Country, all seven of us, this new tiny babe cooing sweetly upon my chest. We aren’t clear as to what the next chapter holds but we know we must choose gentle words, tenderness and humility to light the way. And for now, we bask in evenings flooded with pink sunsets and wide open skies, giving thanks for the abundant mercy raining down all around us.


Here are photographs of our days so far here in Texas… the first half expectant for a miracle and the second half savoring our new baby boy.

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on january 1st, the day ushering in all things new, our son was born. smith james prouty. 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 inches long. born in the living room of our new home in the wee hours of the morning.

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