New Travel Schedule 2016



Booking sessions in these cities:


June 1: Kansas City, KS

June 4/5: Iowa City, IA

August 8: Little Rock, AR

August 10: Nashville, TN

August 15/16: Middletown, NJ

August 19/20: Hampton Bays, NY

August 23/24: Philadelphia, PA

August 25: Washington DC

August 28: Greensboro, NC

August 30/31: Asheville, NC

September 3: Shreveport, LA

October 16: Los Angeles, CA

October 18-20: Thousand Oaks, CA

October 22/23: Orange County, CA

October 24: Phoenix, AZ

October 26: Albuquerque, NM

October 28: Lubbock, TX

November: Austin, TX


* i am available to shoot harvest sessions (full day) or wildflower sessions (sunrise or sunset): read investment info & details about my sessions here. also, if you happen to be along this route and are interested in an in-home session rather than one of these exact cities listed above please let me know so i can see about fitting it into the schedule if possible!  to book: 50% retainer due to reserve the date and remaining due 2 weeks prior to session.

*don’t see your city on my list? well, i have an ongoing to-visit wish list and if i have three families interested in booking in a location i will travel to you… so don’t hesitate to ask. i book travel based on interest so don’t be shy to write!



April 15-17: Austin, TX (2 spots remaining)

June 14-16: Indianapolis, IN (4 spots remaining)

for info about our soul filling creative workshops click workshops. they are all inclusive (lodging, meals, education & goodies… everything provided once you arrive at the venue). workshop will begin at 6pm on day one and end at 10am on day three. cost: $1850. to register: please email to complete registration.



to reserve one of the available dates, please email to secure the session & begin planning the details! these dates are all open for either harvest sessions (full day sessions) or wildflower sessions (2 hours – sunrise or sunset sessions). sessions will be first come, first serve based on availability.

can’t wait to hug you this year, friends!


and, of course, a few favorites from past travel sessions…

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A Golden Day with The Robbins Family.



“Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers.”   – Dan Allender


This family is courageous.

Not the kind of courageous that roars and makes itself known, but the kind that humbly shows up everyday calling on holy strength to suffocate all the darkness.






Everywhere they go they take along their nature journals. Documenting the small traces of grace in nature, recording the majesty in the oftentimes overlooked traces of miracles.

Hope documented. The maple leaf turning gold as the season shifts, the dandelion seeds in the breeze, the last ripe apple left on the tree as the chill of winter whispers through the bare branches. These traces of hope giving way to a deep and ever-present peace.






They know that this life is a fragile one.

They know that not every day is a giddy leaf throwing October celebration, but that each day is worth mustering up courage to fight for the good.





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