Laura Allen & her son Harper.

i met laura out in one of my favorite meadows on a lovely breezy day.  she had brought along this angelic white dress from a recent film, an old pair of comfy cowboy boots and the cutest little blondie in tow.  she was so excited for this to be a special shoot just for her and her sweet harper, just being who they are when they are at home.  so we just played and played…

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an “Amélie” inspired engagement shoot!

geneva & matt are getting married and their favorite movie is amélie.  it is an intense and unique french film, mostly about love, focused on an extraordinary girl named amélie and her unique and peculiar way of looking at the world.  she is always looking at the simple details.  she says in one scene, “i like to look for things no one else catches, i hate the way nobody ever looks at the road in old movies.” she is mostly alone and always seems to be on the outside looking in, until a handsome stranger she sees in a photo booth one night changes her world… and she changes his.  she is hesitant to allow herself to be loved until a frail friend tells her, “my little amélie, your bones aren’t made of glass, you can take life’s knocks.  if you let this chance go by, eventually, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton.” and so she goes, and they fall into a passionate love, and they travel the adventures of life together.

i wanted to do justice to the complex and yet simple beauty of the film but still have it be very personal to geneva and matt.  these two are passionate!  they love art.  he is a writer and she is an artist and they felt so connected to the characters.  so i did my best to weave it all together into a shoot without it being impersonal to them and also still be a pretty shoot even for those who had not seen the movie amélie.  we built a photo booth and brought in the paris character with it’s decoration and we set up a french flea market style bistro reminicent of amélie’s workplace and the location their love began to grow.  and we turned my bedroom into amelie’s.  it was a lot of work but so fun to build a real set to play in!  geneva and matt, i hope you feel we achieved it!  :)

a big thank you to my wonderful and talented assistant, leeanne!  can’t wait to work on more artistic loveliness in the times to come! xoxo

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