Skye & Gary and their homespun farm stand!

a little over a year ago i was so excited to have my dear friend, skye, ask me to photograph an engagement shoot for her and her hubby-to-be, gary!  you may know her as the genius child photographer behind work of heart photography and the inspirational blog, reverie mine!  and if you are familiar with her work, i am sure you know the butterflies i was feeling in being given such a wonderful honor of photographing her and her beau!  so she told me their story and how they were such farm folks at heart and really loved to get to the heart of simple, organic living… and the theme for our homespun farm stand shoot was born!  over the course of time we had some scheduling conflicts and somehow it turned into their first anniversary shoot instead of an engagement shoot!  so after over a year of brainstorming, collecting, crafting and getting excited, it finally happened.  as for the planning, we incorporated our “new” prop, a 1954 lakewood vintage trailer, and transformed it into a funky farm stand itself (we totally renovated it!).  we spent hours wrapping gourds and squash to give it them all sweaters for that homespun crafty feel and collaborated on all the fresh veggies and crates.  it really was quite magical, and what a true honor it was to photograph a couple that i know holds marriage so very sacred under God and that are just over the moon passionate about one another.  xoxo

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“What Little Boys Are Made Of” – themed session!

this is a new favorite session of mine! cameron & carson’s mama had told me all about how these brothers were 100% boy… getting dirty, building forts, fishing with sticks, catching bugs in jars (especially fireflies like they had done in the country!) and running free.  and so the vision for this shoot was born; “frogs and snail and puppy dog tails” with a bit of a holiday feel thrown in.  it felt like pure magic that evening.  before we headed to our location, donny chopped off some branches off of the tree in our backyard to build the branch fort for the boys and it was so special how even as he was setting up when we got there, cameron and carson were right in there with him with their imaginations running wild from the first second!  this shoot really shows the beauty of why we love telling a story with our family sessions, especially with the children, they just get right in there and start playing in this wonderland made special just for them.  there was hardly any posing, just waiting for the boys to get into character.  :)

i usually like to blog in the sequence that the session unfolded, however, i have to begin with one of the firefly images and then go back to the beginning so that you will be more likely to scroll all the way to the bottom… i promise it will be worth it (i just couldn’t narrow these down)!

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