The birth of Sophia & Damian!

this is a beautiful birth story.  :)  the birth of these precious twins happened on the morning on november 10th.  the day was right the middle of my holiday rush and i didn’t have a chance to blog them, but nothing pulls at my heart strings more as a photographer, a mother and a human being more than having the intimate honor of witnessing a birth… so, needless to say, i have been anxious for several months to share these!  here we go!  i have photographed the farfan family for several years since the birth of their first son, marcus, and throughout our hours of photo sessions we even came to find out that becky’s mom, paula, was my lactation nurse when i was in the hospital with gracie ,and well, nothing brings people together more than having your boobs out (LOL!), bonding over losing your modesty and gaining the most precious blessings of children in the process!  fast forward a few years and i was so excited when becky and isa asked me to photograph the birth of their twins on the way.  i got becky’s first text at 10pm on november 9th and hardly slept at all when she texted again at 5:30am that it was time to head over to the hospital.  i left my house just as the sun was starting to rise and arrived to a peaceful room that was quickly followed by the announcement that it was time!  becky’s mom had gotten me my own special set of scrubs (paula, you are the best) and we all got prepped to go in – she was hoping for a natural delivery but had to deliver in an operating room because of the extra risks associated with a twin birth.  in we went after a little time and a lot of pushing, out came baby boy damian michael at 7:18am, weighing 6 pounds, 2 ounces!  he got all wrapped up and paula held him right up by his mama’s head and he joined the rest of us as we watched anxiously for his sister to be born.  this is when it got a little crazy.  about ten minutes passed and the doctor realized that baby girl was coming out by her feet!  about ten extra nurses rushed into the room and it was wall to wall people and literally, i don’t think anyone was taking a breath at this point.  after a lot of anxiety and waiting and worry that amazing doc pulled baby girl out by her little feet! (You can even see his pulling her feet in one of the photos below!) Everyone paused and then began to breathe, and cry and rejoice!  little sophia grace weighed the same as her brother, 6 pounds, 2 ounces and was born at 7:33am.  after all the excitement and hardly any complications (amazing), the babies were able to cuddle again together and i must say that these were the most photo happy and smiley newborns i think ever to be born.  they both looked right at my camera and smiled at 5 minutes old!  i think becky must have been prepping them from inside the belly all those nine months.  ;)  it was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining bright through the blinds and it just felt like pure happiness in that room.  i felt so honored, blessed and part of the family.  love you, farfan family.

this photo below is the one where the doctor is pulling out sophia by her feet!!!

big brother marcus meeting his little siblings for the first time.   :)

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Introducing on center stage… Jackson Wright Henson!

this is jackson, one week new… he was born into a circus!  well, the cutest little circus room you ever did see, his mom and dad had a circus themed wedding (complete with the most amazing hand-painted storyboard that we used for this shoot - see below!) and he even has a little top hat and a bow tie just perfectly jackson sized.  you may recognize his daddy, john henson as host of the popular abc show, Wipeout, and his mama, jill benjamin, is a very funny girl herself… needless to say, little jackson has a very fun filled life ahead.   :)  welcome to the world, little man.  xoxo

this luggage was what the hensons used as their “guest book” at their circus themed wedding, it was covered in vintage labels with the guests well wishes – such a great idea!  and it was just the perfect size for little jackson to curl right up in…

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