The Beller Family

i had the wonderful honor of photographing the beller family… josh, michelle, weston and baby boy in the belly (arriving any day now)!  this sweet husband & wife duo are photographers as well but we actually had never met in person until the shoot – we had only admired one another’s work from afar!  i was a little nervous (photographing other photographers can be incredibly humbling!) but when they stepped out of their car and i saw that both our backseats were covered in crushed cherrios, well, needless to say, we became very fast friends  :)  they wanted to include maps and planes, two of weston’s loves, so we headed to the airfield and broke out our biggest sets of airplane arms and flew all around the vintage planes in the sunshine.  michelle was a champ in her stillettos, 8 months pregnant i might add, josh happily admired his lovely bride and weston just looked dang cute every second of the entire shoot – seriously, this kid is precious.  at the end, we camped out on the grass outside the airfield for a little picnic on the maps, the sun was, by far, the most golden i had seen it in months, and we just  soaked in every last drop of it.  i love this first shot of weston below… it was actually an outtake, just testing my light before we snagged the bottle out of this mouth, but i adore his intensity and how he is just hanging out on top of the world!

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My first step towards cultivating my inner domestic goddess!

so, my big personal goal i set at the beginning of this year was to really do my best to cultivate my domestic side and i decided to start in the kitchen… the place we all come to fill our bellies and share our hearts.  now, maybe this doesn’t sound like a huge goal for someone that has been a wife and a mom for 5 years now but i surely have not been intentional about it.  we have eaten take-out for more meals than i would like to admit (way more), surely not put much thought into the health benefits of the things we’ve put into our bodies, and for kitchen organization, LOL, well, there hadn’t been much of that.  every corner in our house was, until recently, full of years of things stuffed into corners and every drawer had pretty much become a junk drawer.  i was always searching for missing items, feeling like i had no counter space to even attempt to cook, and not even having one recipe i felt comfortable cooking, i knew some changes were in store.  the first step was to get rid of all the junk and actually fill the counter with things i would want to cook with on a daily basis.  i’ve been doing a ton of inspirational reading on healthy food choices and i am doing my best to cook a lot of gluten-free recipes and eat more veggies and less packaged foods.  i even have a menu plan and have been attempting some fabulous family-friendly recipes (like from this awesome cookbook).  they even taste good and even if they aren’t perfect, my husband is so overwhelmingly thankful that i am actually trying that i don’t think he would tell me if he didn’t like them anyway!  coming home to a clean and simple space to cook feels inspirational and i have been so motivated in the pursuit of doing my best to serve my husband and children and strive to be more of a proverbs 31 woman.  in sharing with others my desire to serve i have had some negative responses to that word “serve”, but all i can say is that it is important to my marriage, my relationship with God and for my children to see that i value their health, them as individuals, and my role as a wife and mother.  it is important for me to feel like i am trying to step back from being the big ball of stress i have been for years in neglecting my home, my relationships and my worries of our finances as i am taking on a little less work, and just giving it all up to God.  in exchange i feel a wonderful liberation in bringing peace, whole living and balance to our home that has just been missing for a very long time.  this is just the first post of many to come as i organize and simplify my way through our home so stay tuned.   :)

i bought the wonderfully inspirational print on my fridge from this etsy store.  it gives me dreams of the farmhouse we will someday retire in.   :)

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