A Magical Morning in Julian…

this was the very first session at my workshop in julian, ca.  i had planned for a sunshine filled morning, but instead, the most glorious thick blanket of fog rolled in and settled over all the apple trees!  it created a much different backdrop than i had planned but one that was more beautiful than anything i could have crafted up so we just went with it.  gabriella and naomi, our darling models, toughed it out in the cold and we were able to shoot for about a half hour thanks to a cozy blanket and their mama to cuddle them up and some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  it just felt like pure wonder out there in the orchard… one of those magical things that happen only once in a very great while.

a few with mama…

*  Headbands created by the lovely Christine at Benny Peacock Accessory Shop!

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The Atkins Family at the farm!

this darling family contacted me alllllll the way from australia earlier this year to set up a shoot when they would be here in the states for vacation to capture their new little man, kieren and them together as a little family!  we had grand plans initially of a shoot at the beach but the weather didn’t want to cooperate so we instead planned for a happy day at the farm instead.  lara (the mama) ended up picking this farm because she worked there when she was in school back in her younger years. (i think it worked out as it should have, though, in the end to be able to come back around the world and show her new little family the place now as a mommy!) she pulled her little guy around in a wagon, holding the hand of her love… they picked strawberries, cuddled in the cabbage patch and danced their way through all the dirt rows.  their love was incredibly contagious… see for yourself.  (p.s.  lara, can’t wait to visit you all in australia one of these days and finally do that beach shoot we dreamed about.) 😉

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