Minnie Driver and her son Henry!

minnie & henry played in a forest, pretended to be butterflies, fed leaves to a little caterpillar, skipped some stones in a pond and all the while sang sweet songs together as they walked along.  and henry was quite the charmer.  i had brought along an antique video camera as a prop and the second he saw it he went wild, put it right up to his eye, held it perfect and started to “film” and direct his mama.  there were about ten minutes there under the oak trees where they were laughing together, filming one another, that just felt like pure magic.  it was a true honor to see the passionate love that minnie so obviously has for her son and also the sweet adoration henry has for his mama.  it all ended with henry giving us sprigs of lavender picked from a nearby bush to enjoy.  it was a perfect, beautiful day indeed!

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Joey Lawrence & Family!

i had so much fun with the lawrence family!  joey, chandie, charli & libby got in their cozy matching jammies and asked me to photograph them all cuddled up together (that’s their happy place – love it) and so that’s just what we did!   so much sweetness in their home and what an honor to be asked to share in it.   :)

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hello, i’m joy!  sunshine chaser, child of God, mama to four & wife to one good man.  we traveled all over looking for a place to call home and we found it.  we live a simple life out in the country with bare toes and happy hearts.


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