The Hahn Family all painted up!

i have known the mama of this family, nicole, for years and had seen her photos online of her kids just being covered in fingerpaint from head to toe year after year.  that is their happy place, being able to be free and messy and forget about everything else.  so when she contacted me about a family shoot my mind went immediately to the theme of being all painted up, in their happy place.  i was so glad that she was 110% on board with me about the idea and they surely did not disappoint and keep things too clean.  😉  besides their love of art they just really dive in to life.  they play even when it is difficult.  and the joy in their children in so evident because of it.  love you, hahn family!

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Our first month as a family of five!

well, it is a beautiful chaos around here.  i haven’t picked up my fancy camera except for a few times (one lovely evening at our favorite park and of course to the pumpkin patch) so in an effort to try and remember this time i have tried to take at least one picture each day with my iphone that i am proud of.  plus it is just a a lot more convenient than the big canon seeing that there are hardly enough hands to begin with.  😉  in a nut shell, we are incredibly blessed.  and happy.  and exhausted.  and trying to just feel this out as we go along.  having three is hard.  any mamas out there want to let me know some practical tips on finding joy in the madness?  in an effort of trying to be real, i really just am hoping for the day to come when i don’t feel the guilty at the end of the day from not giving each child what they really needed from me that day.  and that maybe i let the baby cry too long because i was trying to have a moment with one of the older ones.  and never getting out of sweatpants.  or realizing at 4pm that the only thing we have all eaten all day is marshmallows and fruit snacks.  i have lofty aspirations that i may become supermom and have everyone with an exciting craft, three square meals and i would be able to answer all 400 emails in my inbox in one uninterrupted sitting but the truth is that i am lucky to be able to smile at the end of it.  and that’s just in a tiny nutshell.  😉  the icing on the cake is that there is always a lot of cuddling and sometimes that is the only way to get through the day… just grabbing someone and cuddling them until the next person cries and then grabbing them to join in too.  oh, and dance parties pretty much make everything better.  so, this is what we have been up to, starting at the day before our sweet miss clementine was born.  :)

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