A Dollhouse Proposal!

so kayla and shane, just dating at the time, came over to my house a few days before my “a wildflowers workshop” (held this past week in julian) to talk details about being my models in my planned dollhouse shoot at the workshop!  i showed them the anthropologie inspired dollhouse that my gracie and i had been making furniture and lamps for and decorating for days on end for the shoot, we planned the clothes as they were to be the little dolls come-to-life in a life size version of the dollhouse, we talked about the location which would be in front of a painted canvas of the dollhouse there at the workshop venue in julian, ca.  and we were all giddy except for a bit of a quiet shane.  now, i’ve known kayla for years (she used to babysit my kids before she ran off to hawaii last year and fell in love with this boy) but i guess i had expected this guy i had heard so much about to be a little more of a talker.  well, it all made sense to me when he wrote me an email later that night explaining that he had just basically been a bundle of nerves at my house because all he could think about was how he had wanted to ask me if he could propose to kayla during the photo shoot!  i basically started jumping up and down when i read that and from there we began to plot the big proposal.  so fast forward to the morning of the shoot in julian… as soon as they arrived, kayla went into the farmhouse to change clothes and shane quickly slipped me the ring.  we made a little dollhouse chair with a slit in it so that the ring would fit perfectly inside and my attendees all knew that when i said the code word halfway during the shoot that it was time to place the chair/ring into the dollhouse.  well, the moment finally came, we put on their favorite song (“God gave me you”), we put the ring in the house and then all stepped back as i prompted kayla to go over the house and rearrange the furniture for a shot.  well, long story short, she found the ring, she turned around, he got down on one knee and she said YES.  and neither one of them nor the rest of all of us weepy ladies could stop grinning after that.  it made the photo shoot amazingly special and i am so honored that shane thought to have it documented in such a cool way.  can’t wait to shoot the wedding!   😉

now this is when she finds the ring, he got down on one knee and her swept he right off her feet, literally.  :)

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The Zimmerman Family & their movie night under the stars…

kelsie, the mama of this family and i had been planning this shoot for months and months.  the shoot was to take place on her and her hubby’s 10th wedding anniversary and it would be in celebration of not only the two of them but of their precious family and being just as giddy as they were all those years back.  the vision was for it to be a camp out under the stars, all cuddled up together, watching home movies playing on an old 8mm projector.  it took a lot of collaborating between the two of us (and a lot of other help from the men in our lives with the set-up and dragging all our favorite vintage stuff into the grove – thank you!) and it all came together.  once it was all ready, we didn’t have to force the kids to smile for the camera… they jumped right in that tent and rolled around and we couldn’t barely get them out!  the longer we stayed, the more fun it was… they danced in the late afternoon sun, daddy played his grandma’s ukelele and his guitar and had the whole family singing, and then when the lights got low we lit the lanterns, turned on the movie projector, got out the popcorn and they all curled up in that fancy tent and watched until there wasn’t hardly any light left in the sky.  my favorite part was how sad we all were to pack everything up and take it all down!  it is rare that when a shoot it over that no one want to leave (especially the kids) but we all were having so much fun that we wished we could have actually camped out right there.   so, happy anniversary you love birds and thank you so much for giving me the honor of being a part of this wonderful celebration.  i’m thinking we may need to celebrate this more often than every 10 years.  😉

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