Our little Clementine has arrived!

we are excited to announce the birth of our baby girl!  clementine lorene prouty was born on september 4th weighing 5 pounds, 14 ounces & 18 inches long.  she arrived earlier than we had planned and because of some complications we ended up having to have a hospital birth instead of the homebirth we had hoped for.  but it was still incredibly beautiful and very much bathed in the prayers of lots of folks that knew God has a grand plan in mind for our little clementine, one that we just weren’t aware of as we had made our plans.  :)  we are so very thankful that she was born perfect, just tiny, and we are absolutely in love with every itty bitty inch of her.  i will be taking a short maternity leave to recover and enjoy our new family of five, but be sure to check back for plenty of photos of our little doll’s beginning as well as a a very special clementine themed newborn shoot that i dreamed up, soon to come.  thank you for all of the incredibly kind words, warm thoughts and prayers for our baby girl.  we feel so very blessed and are reminded at our precious and fragile life truly is.  all our love from our family to yours.  xoxo

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“Papa, please get the moon for me” with the Kido family!

this session was FUN!!!  :)  our theme was based on eric carle’s wonderful children’s book, “papa, please get the moon for me”… a very sweet book that tells the story of a little girl who peers out the window of her little red house every night and stretches and stretches to get the moon but can never reach it.  that was until she kindly asked her papa to get the moon for her… he built a very long ladder to reach all the way up to the moon to bring it down for her.  now i can just tell you that ryan and anna, the papa and mama of these little girls in this shoot, adore their daughters to the ends of the earth and i also know that if there was any way for them to reach the moon for them that they would do it.  but seeing that i couldn’t find a ladder long enough to retell this story exactly as it was told in the book, we did our best to build a set that would set the scene.  we painted a huge canvas in classic eric carle style, made a cardboard happy faced moon, donny built a very colorful and child-friendly moon-reaching ladder, and we brought out my very favorite dollhouse and gave it a fresh coat of red paint to be a tiny version of the house from the story!  we then made a cozy little spot right in front of it on a fun quilt perfect for playing and dancing and we had ourselves a little party.  it was wonderfully fun and i love that we were able to tell this classic children’s story but at the same time really make it personal for the kido family.  i have been blessed to be able to photograph this family for the last four years and am so very touched to continue to be in their lives and photograph their children.  thank you, kido family, for dancing your hearts out during this session; the love you have for your girls is so very joyful and incredibly contagious.  xoxo

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