“a wildflowers workshop” (for photographers) update…

here are the updates on our texas & california workshops for all of you waiting on pins & needles.  :)  if you are a photographer and are interested in either workshop and are not yet familiar with what they are all about, please click HERE and check out the official workshop website for all of the important information and details!  we currently have two spots available for the round top, texas workshop at the belle mansion (april 29th – may 1st) and six spots remaining for the julian, california workshop at the farmhouse (june 7th – 9th).  i recently visited julian with my kiddos and you can see photos from our adventures there a few blog posts down!  if you would like to register for either workshop please email us directly (wildflowersphotography@yahoo.com).  i am just overflowing with excitement for all the creative amazingness in store.  hope to see you there!

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Amelia & Josh’s wedding at the Utah Pickle Factory!

i first met them as a couple when they made the road trip out here from utah for THIS engagement session and i pretty much fell in love with them from the first minute.  funny story, josh and i realized we had gone to elementary school together when we were talking at james and lynnette‘s amazingly fun wedding (you know josh and amelia have to be awesome if they are friends with lynnette and james), so needless to say i was giddy when he and his new fiance amelia called me a few months later and asked me to shoot their wedding!  i was pretty much counting down the days til the big day after that… and the big day finally came.  :)   they were married at the salt lake temple and we met them out front just after for some photos there and then we headed around the corner to play in the lovely fall leaves.  pretty much every tree along the street had a different color of leaves… it was spectacular!  as we were playing a huge storm rolled in and we had to find a place with cover so we headed to to salt lake library and then up to the roof in the midst of a crazy hailstorm for some last portraits (big thanks to my wonderful 2nd shooter, jenny, for holding my umbrella all that time, i know your arms were sore the next day)!  from there we headed to the reception site at the utah pickle factory which was basically an old brick warehouse with old wooden plank floors that they transformed into the most quirky, fun awesome party spot!  clear christmas lights hung from all the rafters, a taco stand made of metal and wood they made themselves, jones soda as their signature drink (their last name is jones!), an ice cream stand, antique books stacked with homemade cakes on top, chalkboard signs, popcorn for the kids, a “gallery” of amelia’s art painted of different fun moments from their relationship and the coolest photo booth ever.  everything was relaxed, fun, unique, adorable and wonderfully crafty.  it even snowed at the end.  it was pretty much like a dream.

i must share something amelia wrote about her and josh that i think shows how dang cute they are… “I have brown hair. He is blonde.  I sew. He shoots guns.  I am dramatic. He is logical.  I have terrible eyes. His are perfect.  I didn’t make my bed. He taught me to.  Wolverine is my favorite. He can’t pick one.  I shop. He is a financial advisor.  I don’t work out much. He is a health freak.  I cook. He cleans.  I am from Utah. He is from California.  We are in LOVE.” (i do have to add that amelia has AMAZING eyes and that she is also quite humble).

enjoy the photos.   :)

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