Michelle & Robert’s Wedding!

michelle & robert were married on labor day at the very beautiful, inn of the seventh ray, in topanga canyon.  i had been dreaming of shooting them at that dreamy location for almost a year and as labor day approached, so did my labor day with clementine!  :)  there was lots of celebrating going on that very special monday as miss clementine had come into the world earlier than we had expected her but i was so very disappointed and sad i wasn’t able to be there myself at michelle and robert’s wedding as i was stuck in the hospital recovering.  but…  donny, aka super dad/super photographer man, full of all sorts of adrenaline after just seeing his daughter be born, was the lucky one able to document their wonderfully lovely day, along our two fabulous 2nd shooters, leeanne and sarah!  that day, after the wedding when he got back to the hospital to see me, he was so happy and full of joy and as he scooped up clementine in his arms, he just couldn’t stop talking about what wonderfully kind people michelle and robert were and how it only made him more full of life after seeing them be married and how grateful he was to have this blessing of a job and then come home to his new baby.  i have enjoyed pretending i was there at their wedding while editing their images and i love how there is such a feeling of splendor about them… sweetness, simplicity and happiness.  thank you, michelle and robert for giving us the honor of being able to be part of that lovely day and your even greater kindness in understanding that our little clementine had a timeframe all her own.  i promise you that i will be waiting anxiously for your future babies to be born so i can document all their adorableness as well (hint, hint).  :)

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“a wildflowers workshop” – REGISTRATION OPEN – round top, tx – may 2012!!!

we are so excited to announce that registration is now OPEN for the next “a wildflowers workshop”!!!  the details:  it will be may 22nd through 24th (tues.-thurs.), 2012 in round top, texas at the most dreamy location, rachel ashwell’s the prairie!  it is heavenly… rolling wheat and corn fields, beautiful little historic cottages and barns that all have the old character but have been given a new vintage charm, old abandoned cars in the distance, a shabby chic greenhouse made of antique windows, a clothesline underneath an old windmill, old picnic tables with layers of peeled paint, wildflowers growing along each cottage and a stream not far away with donkeys, horses and cows grazing in the distance!  and that’s just the outside… the inside, well it is just like a vintage dream come true really.  rachel ashwell renovated the whole venue when she bought it and each place is complete with old plank painted floors, vintage and soft as a cloud linens, vintage wallpaper, aged furniture and chairs, tons of natural light and wooden rockers on each porch and rachel ashwell’s lovely shabby chic touches all around the property.  i really just wanted to excuse to get to return after we stayed there last spring and fell in love and am so excited to be able to team up with the prairie to host our workshop!  it is also so great because there are cottages available onsite available to be rented by the workshop attendees so we can all hang out under those amazing texas stars together and roast some s’mores after the sun goes down.

a limited amount of spots are available (20) and registration is open to female photographers only, first come first serve.  for more information and to see if this workshop would be a good fit for you please check out our workshop website HERE and then email us directly at wildflowersphotography@yahoo.com with the title “round top workshop” to register!

i also have just posted the testimonials from the women who attended our last “a wildflowers workshop” in julian, ca this past summer.  scroll down just below these photos for the testimonials!  a HUGE thank you to my previous attendees for sharing their very kind words.  :)

and to give you a little taste of the prairie, here are some of my photos of our stay as a family there last spring!  prepare to swoon…

AND… here are the TESTIMONIALS from our incredibly kind attendees from our last workshop in julian, california!:

This workshop was life changing, amazing, and the very thing my heart and business needed. i went into the week feeling feeling empty, deprived, overly stressed, and out of balance with my professional and personal life. we have all been there, a lot still are. I knew that the week would be a great learning tool for my business but had no idea that i would come away so fulfilled. so many things- practical, emotional, and personal- snapped into focus as joy took us on a journey to learn who we were as women, artists, mothers, creators, creatives, and business owners. you could not make a better investment. And the friendships and technical information i came away with has made my journey so much clearer. And fun again!  – Molly Dues  www.mollyduesphotography.com

The workshop was an absolutely amazing time.  Joy had planned everything perfectly.  It was so amazing of her to tell her tips and tricks to us. Even now, when working with clients I see that there is a change in the way I do things.  I have a new outlook on my photography –  I was excited about my photography before coming to the workshop, but now I’m busting at the seams with excitement.  She taught me invaluable information that I will surely use in the future of my photography and will help me not to make some missteps that I believe I was on the way of making.  Any question asked to Joy and she was an open book, which I loved.  Beyond that, I also met a bunch of really cool ladies, hung out in an inspiring farm all three days, and took some ridiculously amazing pictures that I get to add to my portfolio.   It definitely changed me as a photographer and will positively influence my photography career into the future.  –  Anne Mantz  www.thephotographyshoppe.com

I have to say that I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the workshop.  Honestly, I’ve attended a few workshops and most times I’ve been let down.  A Wildflowers Workshop was like a breath of fresh air, Joy is the real deal.  By that I mean, beyond her obvious talent and unbelievable creativity, she is well spoken, doesn’t hold back at all, and exudes warmth and sincerity.  I enjoyed learning about Joy’s creative process, how she manages her business, and of course seeing her in action.  I came away from the weekend feeling inspired and confident to make business changes that are good for me and me family.  I actually felt physically and emotionally nurtured during the workshop.  It just felt like home.  –  Lisa Trakis  www.lisatrakis.com

What an amazing week it was!! I came away with lots more photography knowledge and a stomach full of pie!! Every detail of the workshop was so personal and thought through meticulously with such beautiful presentation. I learnt so much from Joy… technical knowledge, business tips, post processing workflow, a ton of creative ideas, and a confidence boost! I also learned lots from all the other attendees who shared many of the same experiences and frustrations with their photography businesses. And as I continue to practice, learn and grow from all that I gained from the workshop, I have an amazing network of people to support me along the way. I left with some awesome tricks up my sleeve and feeling so inspired with a new-found energy for photography!   –  Piper Chalke

The Wildflowers Workshop was one of the top ten experiences in my life.  I’m so glad I was able to attend because the experience far surpassed what I imagined. The locations Joy chose were breathtaking, to see first-hand how she styles each individual shoot opened a floodgate of ideas in my mind. Then, if that weren’t enough, Joy let us read her like an open book. She gave us some cool tips and tricks for getting stunning sunlit imagery. Any questions we wanted to ask, she answered. I left the workshop full of inspiration, ideas, renewed passion, friendships and the tools to take my love of photography to a higher level!  –  Rachel Waters  www.catchthesunphotos.com

At the workshop I encountered a person whom I admire just as much as her work.  Joy was REAL and she gave from her heart.  When friends ask me how the workshop was, I say it was a fantastic work in progress.  I am still reflecting on and learning from the weekend.  I learned how to dig deeper into the personal stories of my clients, how to incorporate more joy and fun into my photo sessions, and even how to trust myself.  –  Tara Swartzendruber  www.catscradlephotography.com

Joy is truly a one-of-a-kind woman. She bears her soul and lets herself get lost in yours, an attribute which is easily seen through her photography.  I left the workshop more inspired by photography than I have ever felt. Joy has a way of navigating you to see the deep inspiration and fire that is within us, and how not to let that be flame be burnt out by all the not-so-fun aspects of industry: unyielding competition, business management, self-worth, etc.   All in all, it was an exhilirating and empowering yet peaceful experience – reigniting my passion for photography and giving me the encouragement to get myself out there and grow my business to where I want it to be.  –  Erika Ashauer  www.erikaashauerphoto.com

“Write down 3 things that inspire you”, I will never forget the moment Joy asked me this question.  As I sat and thought over these things the tears immediately began to fall.  The Wildflowers workshop was so much more than just a “photography” experience for me, it was a time for reflection, a time for fellowship, a time for soul-searching and most importantly it instilled in me that it was a time for change.  Joy bore her soul to us, she shared her joys, her triumphs and her creativity.  It was three days that I didn’t want to end…I walked away from the workshop with 25 new “sisters’ and the ability to be a better wife, mother, and photographer.  I am now and will be forever grateful.  –  Julie Paisley  www.juliepaisleyphotography.com

The Wildflower Workshop gave me a fresh new perspective on photography and made me go back to what inspires me.  I went with the expectation to come out more technical and a better photographer, but what I left with was 25 new friends, a heart filled with joy more confidence.  Joy is intentional about drawing each person out to find their own style.  She is one of the most creative and inspiring people I have ever met.  The way she connects with you and with her subjects will leave you in awe.  Thank you Joy for the experience of a lifetime.  Thank you for encouraging me to stay true to who I am as an artist.  Thank you for giving us a safe place to share our struggles, and our joys.  You are AMAZING in every way!  –  Becky Lew  www.beckylewphotography.com

Thankyou so much for such a wonderful workshop it was a truly special experience….every aspect of it for was food for the soul and exceeded all my expectations…every part of it was inspiring, nuturing and fun…What a fantastic group of ladies there were organising it and attending…It inspired me on every level and I now cannot wait to move on with my life professionally and personally….a rare, rare treat indeed!  –  Susie Allnutt

Joy is the real deal!  I believe that her images strike cords with us because she is always going one step further and deeper into her client’s story.  That is what she did with us.  She had us go deeper than our basic photography goals and had us really look at what makes us genuinely happy.  The workshop was over in 2 days, but the tools that I walked away with are going to stay with me through my career.  I recommend Joy’s photography workshop to any photographer that wants to spice up their photos, to the moms that need help balancing their momly duties with their business and to the photographers that want to see how they can take their photography to the next level.  –  Stephanie Mason  www.masonjarphotography.com

I had the absolute amazing opportunity of attending a Wildflowers Photography workshop. As a photographer who is pretty new to the business world of photography I often find myself intimidated by amount of talent out there.  I love taking pictures; I love finding those moments to capture. I learned a LOT at the workshop, it was full of really helpful business building and photographing tips, but the main thing I walked away with was a new sense of confidence. Joy reminded me that amazing photography comes from the heart and the passion of the soul, not just knowing all the technical aspects of your camera and your software. The workshop was an amazing experience, I not only am taking away a wealth of information on my business but I also met other photographers on my same journey who were also such an inspiration. A BIG THANK YOU to Joy.  –  Monica Hines  www.mohinesphotography.com

I first discovered Joy and within 24 hours I had signed up for her Julian, CA workshop.  I immediately knew from viewing her work that she was true to herself, her art and her emotions.  In my personal and professional growth, I was looking for emotional inspiration.   I could tell from Joy’s work that she gives everything 2000%.  When I arrived in Julian, I was in awe.  The details and care she put into the workshop were amazing.  I probably spent the entire second day crying – she tapped into a part of me that was essential for my growth in photography.   Joy understands that you can’t be an exceptional photographer unless you emotionally connect with your subject.  Joy is a true gem – she is down to earth, kind and creative.  I would highly recommend her workshop to anyone looking for inspiration and tapping into why you fell in love with photography in the first place.  –  Zoe, Three Sisters Jewelry – www.lisaandzoe.com

I feel like I am back on the path of being who I want to be and being someone people love to be around.  Thank you for letting me have my life back!  Thank you showing me through your example how to be a balanced, Godly, working woman because that is exactly what I needed.  Being at the workshop was a breath of fresh air.  I looked at myself and my business smack dab in it’s ugly face and realized that I had to make some changes.  Since the workshop I have sat down and determined everything that I love to do.  Now I wake up every morning and vow that I will do what I love.  Thank you for allowing me to attend the workshop and inspiring my journey to being a better photographer and a better person!  –  Shewan Mason  www.shewanelizabethfotographie.com

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop you held.  I walked away with so much wisdom, confidence & refreshment.  The friendships created and atmosphere that was present in Julian existed because of YOU and because of that, I want to thank you so much for making the environment safe, warm, and educational.  I had a great time and loved watching you in action during shoots and appreciate you sharing your business tips, experience and being so transparent to us all.  –  Diana Elizabeth Jung  www.dianaelizabeth.com

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Joy’s workshop. It surpassed my expectations by far. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and insightful, but she was so real. She gave us true insight as women trying to juggle all aspects of our life and truly inspired us to value what we do and not give up. She is amazingly talented and was an open book for us to learn from. They were two amazing days where we made friendships and connections with amazing women. Thank you thank you Joy for your work and for your inspiration. You truly helped me change the way I see myself and my work!  –  Tamy Erle 

WOW! What a breath taking experience! I went to this workshop thinking this would help challenge my creativity as a photographer. However, that was not the case. Not only did Joy challenged us to take our photography to the next level; she also INSPIRED us with her creativity and big heart for photography and people! And that was more than one could ask for. Joy is an incredible woman, photographer, artist, mentor, and most importantly friend. I will never forget my experience in Julian, CA. I’ve left with so much and am ready to take my photography to the next level.  –  Mailinh Nguyen   www.polaroidstories.com

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