Our Story


i am a mama to four little ones... gracie, brandon, clementine and mabel, and wife to a very good man.  earlier this year we made a decision to simplify our lives... sold our home and all our belongings in southern california and took the year to travel the country in our 1950 spartanette trailer, adventuring and shooting sessions, weddings and teaching workshops along the way!  we just recently decided to settle down and moved up to our own little homestead in bellingham, washington!   about us... we don’t take ourselves too seriously. we yearn for the simple goodness of life made up of bare feet running through tall grass, sheets drying on a line, sitting on the porch enjoying good music and hearty conversation.  i feel that same way about my photography.

i love to see how people love each other. if i photograph you, i will ask you to play. i will ask you real questions. i will look for the thing in you that puts a sparkle in your eye. i may ask you to sing so come prepared with a good song. even in your pretty photo shoot clothes, i want to see who you really are... when you are just yourself in your sweats and, wholeheartedly, 
in your happy place.

i am so excited to meet you and hear your story.

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