Workshops + Mentoring

i want to be the open arms for women who are looking to breathe new life into their photographs.  i want them to be reminded of the simple and soulful reason they first fell in love with photography.  it is my hope that a safe, honest environment is created at my workshops for women to grow professionally, creatively & spiritually while also leaving with fresh tools to run their businesses from the heart.





  • the workshops are all inclusive from the time you arrive: lodging, meals, and two nights & three days of digging alongside one another.
  • i want you to learn how to dive deeper into the stories & passions of your clients to create unique photoshoots that speak to the heart.
  • lots of talking about communication with clients and how to create a safe place for them to feel enough trust in you as the artist.
  • time to just be quiet and take it all in.  journal prompts and the sharing of stories.
  • the importance of setting boundaries (business, workflow, good time management, family, relationships & still keep your sanity).
  • inspiration for staying fresh and set yourself apart from other photographers.
  • finding new avenues of art to incorporate alongside photography.
  • best utilizing the spaces you are shooting in, specifically in the challenges of low lighting or not ideal backgrounds.
  • finding dramatic light in unexpected places.
  • how to figure out the best price structure and marketing plan for your business.
  • raw workflow demonstration & start to finish post-production techniques.
  • navigating how to share your own personal story through imagery.
  • two photo sessions we will be shooting side by side:  real people/a couple/a family (not models) and learning how the documentation of their unique stories unfold (my thought process, settings, gear, everything).


$1850 per attendee.  all inclusive.

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