Workshops + Mentoring

my hope for each attendee is to be challenged as a photographer, a woman, a creator, a business person and an artist!  i want you to remember the simple and passion-driven reason you fell in love with photography; inspire your creative spirit in fresh ways and give you practical, fresh tools to run your business from the heart.



  • two days of fun, growth & experience for women only... the workshops are created to be an open, honest, raw environment to grow professionally, creatively & spiritually with joy as an open book on anything and everything!
  • instruction given on how to dive deeper into the stories & passions of your clients to create unique photoshoots that speak to the heart.
  • how to set boundaries & "balance it all" (business, workflow, good time management, family, relationships & still keep your sanity - we will talk a lot about this!).
  • inspiration for staying fresh and setting yourself apart from other photographers - finding your own outlet of creativity personally and professionally.
  • how to best utilize your existing space as your “studio” & tips on finding great hidden gems of locations near you.
  • tapping into your individual creativity with the way you shoot such as capturing sunflare & finding dreamy light to produce sun-saturated imagery.
  • raw workflow demonstration & start to finish post-production techniques.
  • strategies for setting rates & effective policies for your business (and how to stick firm to them).
  • how to pose children, families & couples in a comfortable “un-posey” way.
  • how to develop lasting relationships with local business owners & tips on getting your work displayed.
  • tips on finding great, inexpensive props & how to reuse them in creative ways.
  • i will be an open book in regard to any and all questions photography related.
  • creative & inspirational challenges to help each attendee discover their own personal photographic style.
  • strategic marketing techniques on how to attract & book your target clientelle.
  • two storytelling portrait shoots with instruction given start to finish; the client planning consultation, how to create storyboards, location scouting, set-up, client interation, making it fun, posing, shooting & post-production workflow.
  • hundred of images you will take during the weekend to serve as a great addition to your business portfolio!


$1400 per attendee for the workshop cost (lodging & travel not included unless otherwise specified).


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